Was It Real? Drunk Couple & Silicon Olivia

sex doll olivia

I love driving during nighttime. The streets glow with dazzling lights and pretty girls walk around wearing shiny dresses. I love to watch their wiggling asses. Everything is just enough to drive me to the state of euphoria.

It was a year ago when out of the blue I was lucky enough to hook up with a blonde in my car. She was drunk and all horny when she asked me for a lift. We drove to a nearby car parking and had wonderful sex. Since then I’ve been looking for a 2nd chance. 

Unfortunately, luck hasn’t favored me again. 

I was a little tipsy that night, it was a regular thing for me. Although, as always, I kept in mind not to drink too much, so I wouldn’t get into trouble with the cops.

During that night the hope of a lucky hookup had almost faded. Mostly it was just an enjoyable tipsy night out in the bar. The streets were nearly empty, perhaps everyone was enjoying a Friday night party in city nightclubs. 

There I was, all alone like a lone horny ranger, hunting for no-one in the empty streets. 

I decided to drive home when it happened…I had almost hit them if I hadn’t been driving slow. A middle-aged couple was dragging each other on the side of the road. They seemed like fighting with each other while holding a long coffin-like box. The only difference was that the box was neatly wrapped in a shiny paper and had a red ribbon around it. “It probably was a gift for someone” I wondered to myself.

I decided to stop my car as I was annoyed with what I had to witness. I was about to shout when the man started hitting the women. I couldn’t just sit idle and watch that nonsense. I pulled the car over on the side and got out. 

I was about to pull the man away but at that moment the woman started demonstrating her fighting skills. Her kicks and blows were so perfect. She was probably a martial art trainer or at least a student of some kind of karate guru. Soon, the man came flying and fell over me. By the smell of alcohol, I could understand that they were both drunk. 

“You bastard! Leave that box and get lost. I don’t want to see your face again” The women now came under the street light. Her face was not so beautiful as compared to her body. She was an amazingly fit lady. Anyone could go crazy looking at her cleavage and curvy ass. The man now stood up slowly, wiped his face, slammed the box on the road, and disappeared in the darkness. 

Now I was all alone with the lady and her big, long box that looked heavy. 

She arranged her dark black hair and tied a ponytail. Then she carefully picked up the box. 

“I am sorry. This happens when you date a mediocre asshole.” Her language didn’t match her appearance. She looked like a classy woman.

“I am sorry, I didn’t mean it. But I think your partner has left” My tone was embarrassing. 

“Oh no! It’s my fault. I should have kicked his ass right in the bar. Anyways, thank you.” She was all ready to walk away.

“If you don’t mind, can I drop you somewhere? You may not find a cab at this time.” I was truly polite.

 She hesitated a bit, but then she agreed.

The box was so huge that it couldn’t fit in the trunk of my car. So Kiara (by that time we had introduced ourselves as Alex and Kiara) unwrapped the box cover. It was a kind of huge doll that was covered with plastic. She even unwrapped the plastic. My mouth was wide open. A beautiful blonde with real-life blue eyes laid there. I could see that it was the most realistic sex doll I had ever seen in my life. 

olivia sex doll

“Meet her, she’s Olivia.” Kiara caressed her chicks saying that. 

“I bought her today for my boyfriend. It was meant to be his birthday gift, but he didn’t deserve it” Saying this, she lifted Olivia and seated her on the back seat of my car. 

“She’s the most realistic sex doll, do you know why?” Kiara asked me. She smiled wickedly while sitting in the front seat and looking Olivia in the mirror. 

“She is Olivia, the famous porn actress” She didn’t even wait for my reply. 

“How do you …? I mean… with this super hot sex doll” I was acting innocent.

“Well, my day didn’t go as I planned, you know?” Saying this Kiara suddenly started feeling my cock in my pants. I knew she was drunk, but I never expected her to be so horny. 

At that moment, I knew that it was going to be my 2nd lucky & wild hookup. I didn’t want to wait any longer. I pulled over my car in a lonely and dark street. I hastily unfastened my seat belt and started kissing Kiara like a beast.

“Wow, wow. So you’re a beast inside” Kiara was murmuring closing her eyes in ecstasy” I had already taken out her breasts. Her nipples were erect. I licked them once and started pressing and playing with them madly.

olivia sex doll

“Would you like someone to join us? None other but the porn queen herself “Kiara whispered in my ears. Saying this, she pulled me to come out of the car. Then she pushed me into the backseat. Now Olivia, the sex doll, was seated in between us. 

In the darkness, her body felt as real as Kiara’s. I was having a hard time to make out whether it was Kiara’s breasts or Olivia’s. Suddenly, I felt a taut wet mouth sucking my cock. I checked and found that it was Kiara (suprise-suprise). 

She was leaning and pushing her face against my cock. It was a bit painful, but I didn’t feel like complaining. My mind was engaged in curiosity to check Olivia’s pussy. I opened her legs wide and started rubbing her vagina. I admit, it was more beautiful than a real pussy. 

Her soft clit seemed like twitching when I rubbed it. I sucked my own fingers to make it wet with my saliva and applied it on Olivia’s pussy. At the same time, I reached out to Kiara’s asshole which was now already naked. I wedged my middle finger in between her swollen pussy walls. I ran them around both her asshole and wet pussy – I was taking turns on Olivia and Kiara’s pussy. 

olivia sex doll

Now both vaginas were wet and indistinguishable. I gestured to Kiara and she understood what I meant. She lifted Olivia and seated her on my lap. I leaned back and she grabbed my cockhead.

Kiara spit on my cock, and slowly pushed it inside Olivia’s tight and deep pussy. 

To an extent I was scared that I may become a maniac for sex dolls. 

Kiara grabbed Olivia’s ass and started lifting her up and down. I felt like the doll was riding on my cock like a real girl. Kiara had turned really wild. She climbed on my face turning to Olivia and pressed her wet pussy on my mouth hard. I couldn’t help myself to obey her and started licking and eating her shaved vagina. It wasn’t as tight as Olivia’s pussy but as wet as a waterfall. 

Her shaved and tiny asshole looked like it hadn’t been never touched. She was probably an anal virgin. So I spit on her ass and slowly slid my forefinger inside her ass. She cried out loud in pain, but I didn’t stop as she kind of liked it. 

Now, it was Kiara’s turn and I had already fucked a tight pussy. I whispered in her ears, “I wanna fuck your tight ass baby.” No, no no nooo, aawww ! Oh my god, you’re in, you’re in my ass. It hurts. Oh, wait !” Kiara’s words weren’t stopping me. 

I wasn’t done with the doll yet, as I wanted to fuck her ass too. I could hear as the other cars moved by the main road. Their headlights would momentarily flash on the white skin of the blonde doll and her blue eyes. I watched her pussy and then watched Kiara’s face. Her face showed an expression mixed with pain and pleasure. It was now the doll’s turn.

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