Ramming Myself Into My Black Goddess Virginia

Virginia Black Sex Doll

One thing that people don’t realize when they make a purchase is that they are all, regardless of the product or service in question, being sold a fantasy? When you buy a house, they are selling you your fantasy of being a homeowner. When you buy a new grill, that’s you fulfilling your fantasy of grilling the best burgers. Or something to that effect. 

As for me, I’m not shy about the things that I purchase, and I’m especially not concerned about my fantasies. Although in today’s time, me coming straight up and telling people that I have a thing for black babes will get a lot of nasty glares and possibly a myriad of people calling me a racist pig.

But being honest with your sexuality doesn’t mean you’re racist. Racism is discriminating against someone, but worshipping someone because you are attracted to them? That’s something else. 

Moving on. 

When I first laid my eyes on Virginia, I was completely lost for words. She had skin the color of a newly polished gem, a faint glimmer radiating from her. Her eyes were like pure obsidian, making me feel like looking straight into them would reveal my true self somehow.

Her lips were like velveteen cushions you lay your most precious jewels on. And her body– her body had the supple, toned, definition you only find on those who take good care of themselves. Not tall by any means, she still commanded attention. Her smaller breasts and ass did not discount the amount of sexuality she emanated. And so I did the most logical thing I could at that moment. I made the purchase.

Virginia Black Sex Doll

The day she arrived, I had my camera ready to take perfect shots of her even more perfect body and face. And let me tell you this, not a lot of sex dolls have actual beautiful faces. But Virginia, she was the real deal.

I made her stand against the wall and posed her up wearing a pair of undergarments I had prepared for her just for this moment. The light bounced off of her skin and brought her to life, her eyes shining brightly and staring straight into the camera lens. She definitely knew just how attractive she was and exactly what she was capable of. 

Her perky little nipples stood up proudly, her supple little breasts curving smoothly as I ran my palms down over her flat, toned stomach. Her beautiful pussy lips peeked out from between her legs, her strong, lean thighs already making my loins ache at the thought of her wrapping them around me. 

After I was certain I got perfect shots of her facing front, I spun her around and had her lean against the wall. I arched her back just a little bit, letting my fingers trace the deep ravine of her spine.

Her ass cheeks were firm and supple, peeking out from under her panties, sitting high up on her. I could just imagine how amazing it would feel to be all up inside that ass of hers. 

Virginia Black Sex Doll

I slipped her panties down to reveal her wrinkled little asshole and her beautiful, full pussy lips once again. I got down on my knees to get a better angle and shot of her.

And then I quickly discarded my camera, grabbing her by the waist and thighs as I buried my face right up in her crotch, feeling her pussy lips pressing up against mine in a one of a kind kiss.  I let my tongue run all up and along her slit, even slipping it in as far down as I could, feeling the ridges of her cunt that I knew would grip around my cock nice and tight. 

I didn’t even bother to stand back up and simply pulled Virginia on my lap. I pulled my pants down to my thighs and released my cock, not even bothering to take things slow as I rammed the entire length of it down and inside her pussy. And just as I expected, she gripped unto it so tightly I had to grit my teeth through my groan. 

I had my lips pressed against her smooth neck as I thrust my hips in and out of her, practically lifting her up and slamming her back down against my lap as I fucked her hard. My free hand was wrapped around her hips, while the other one grabbed her breast and fondled her nipple. 

But now it was time to satiate another fantasy of mine. I stood her back up as I got back up on my own two feet too. I pressed her back against the wall and slid my cock all the way out of here before I repositioned it a little bit. And just like that, I placed the head of my penis against the opening of her tight little ass. This time I took things slow. 

Virginia Black Sex Doll

I watched as her hungry little hole began to stretch out and open up to take my dick little by little. It was practically swallowing it, taking my cock just a little bit deeper each time. And as soon as I was literally balls deep inside of her, I grabbed hold of either of her ass cheeks and began pounding in and out of her once again without any rest. 

Ever watched one of those road constructions on your neighborhood street before? You know the machine they use to make holes in the ground to break the concrete up?

Well, that’s just how fast and hard I was going, practically ramming myself into my black goddess as she took every single thrust like a champ. It was like her body was built for sex. And at this point, I felt like she was going to suck my very soul out through her asshole. I came so hard inside her, I didn’t even realize that I was letting out a scream so ghastly I had my next-door neighbor asked me if I was alright the next time we met on the lift. 

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