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Having sex with a lifelike sex doll is incredible. If you haven’t had sex with a doll before, it’s hard to understand the feeling. You need to experience to understand the feeling of a full-body sex doll. There are many options when it comes to high-quality sex dolls, the truth is none can match the realism that Elva brings to the table. 

There is an affordable budget option as the sex doll has a premium price tag and not everyone can dish out  for their pleasure. Nonetheless, Elva is a stunning sexy doll for a perfect partner. Featuring golden hair and pale skin, she no doubt makes a perfect princess in the bedroom. Wherever she goes, heads will always turn to her beauty. You will greet her with attention and excitement.


Hold on, are you looking for an oasis of steamy action? Be ready to reach new heights of pleasure. Not only that, Elva is ready to offer you more. If you trust and believe in yourself, you can take on her and she will reward you in ways that will blow your mind. 

Let’s look at the features that make Elva a premium sex doll.

Design and Performance

Comparison isn’t a crime and introductions aren’t a privilege. Let’s dig deep into the juicy details of this unmatched doll. For quite some time, you have kept track of what you like and dislike about the design and performance of sex dolls. 

Despite the opinions and customer experience you have read, Elva is exceptional. The design and performance of Elva are the same as your experience. You want a blow up sex doll that will offer you more than you expect, Elva will be the best for you. Don’t feel hyper yet, we still have some staircases to go. 



This is one of the strongest features of this product. You will be perplexed because she looks real. The mouth and lips are soft. If you enjoy kissing, you will reap the benefits of your investment. They stretch like those of the real woman. The jaws open realistically, the tongue is soft and you can remove it easily for cleaning. The inside of the mouth features a ripped cavity for realism and pleasure. 

Depending on your taste and preference, you can customize the face to your specification. You can swap the face, skin, eyes, lips without the need of buying a new body. 


Depending on the model you have, many owners do complain about breasts. Some lament of the breast is firm after several months of caressing them. With this real sex doll, you will agree with these complaints but partially. 

After few months of squeezing and caressing, they become soft and perfect. This realistic doll is not one of those with complaints of the breast being perky and firm. But again, do you want saggy breasts on your young sex doll? 


Flesh and Skin

Next up in this review of my luxury sex doll is the design of skin and flesh. Some well-designed dolls are ruined by bad skin design. It’s painful to see this but they are available in the market. The awful skin design is the opposite of my luxury love doll from BestRealDoll. 

The skin on my luxury sex doll is unique and perfect. The texture of the skin is one that you have never seen. You can hardly differentiate it from the real human skin. The way this realism was achieved, I don’t know but the feeling is incredible. The skin is smooth and silky just like normal human skin. 

If you hit the naked sex doll from behind, it will jiggle like your skin would have. If you pinch it will reciprocate as your skin would. 


Most real-looking sex dolls feature fingers that are fragile and break easily. This is a problem to most doll owners but an advantage to a luxury sex doll. The finger bones are realistic. They bend more easily and finger pokers are a foregone problem. You can position the hands at different angles which improves the overall feeling. 

If your current full size love doll has a finger pokes issue, the problem is the material used isn’t durable. 


Joints & Flexibility

The joints of this luxury sex doll are strong and bend in a humanistic way. This is an ingredient to realism that facilitates creative positioning. The legs can go wherever you want them to not to mention the beautiful way the back arches. 

If you compare with other inflatable sex dolls, luxury sex doll is more flexible. Its movements are impressive and you can position her in different sex positions. Cheaper adult love dolls have a problem with over-tightened joints. This way, you cannot position your doll in a position you like. As such, you experience very frustrating sex. 

The flexibility of luxury fantasy sex dolls is a result of the new skeleton system combined with reduced weight. It moves like a real human so, it’s up to you whether you prefer cowgirl, missionary, or doggy-style. 


Anal, Oral, & Vaginal Openings

When you penetrate the oral cavities of your unique design sex doll you will understand why it is a life size sex doll. There is a vacuum created inside the entry of the doll. The feeling it gives you is unimaginable. This feeling can be felt with oral cavities. Everything is built to perfection. No doubt, you will enjoy your ride in the bedroom. 

Take your experience and fantasy to a new level. If you have inserts, this is where they come in handy. Multiply the oral cavity penetration by using optional deep-throat inserts inside the oral cavity. You have the privilege to choose your removable inserts. This is the biggest advantage of a luxury sex doll. This feature is significantly more than other models. 



A luxury sex doll is an impressive doll that you will ever have. It is the most realistic sex doll you can ever have. Both new and experienced doll owners have a rediscovery period with this doll. Its incredible features are worth your investment. 

The pricing is premium so you better start saving if you would like to have extreme fun in your bedroom. Wondering where you can purchase this doll? BestRealDoll is the place. 

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