The Mario Brothers Going Crazy Over Sex Doll Princess Peach

Princess Peach Sex Doll

My long-term boyfriend and I always had a thing for animation and cartoon characters. We do cosplay a lot, and our house is full of memorabilia and collector items from various shows. This integrates itself into our sex life, too.

So we would do a lot of role-playing and dress up to spice things up. But one day, we kind of dabbled into the idea of having a threesome, except we both knew we couldn’t stomach the thought of having an actual person join in and complicate our relationship. 

After a lot of snooping around on the internet, we came across the Princess Peach sex doll. We were ecstatic to see that she came with an attachable penis too, which meant that we didn’t have to work out a strap-on or double-ended dildo kind of situation that might have dampened the pleasure.

My boyfriend was skeptical at first, but I was convinced it was a great idea, so naturally, we decided to give it a shot. 

I had prepared a cute outfit for her already even before she was set to arrive, and when she did, I made sure to give her a good wash before setting her up in our bedroom in a nice, seated position to make her look a bit more demure. 

My boyfriend and I decided to wear costumes, too. Mine was a sexy little Mario costume with crotchless shorts, and my boyfriend was wearing a Luigi hat, matching green speedos, and a pair of suspenders. When I led him to the bedroom, all of his “I’m not sure about this” went straight out the window. 

Princess Peach Sex Doll

We played around with posing her for a while, enjoying how her skin felt and how she could be put in so many natural positions without much effort.

We took a lot of photos, too, of her and also of us with her. The whole thing slowly began to work us up, and when I took out the attachable cock and inserted it into her cunt, we knew we were officially ready to get things started. 

With lots of lube in my hand, I started stroking my boyfriend to get him nice and hard. He began lubing up Peach’s ass and her cock for me too, grinning in anticipation all the while. We even had our tripod set up to capture all the action from the night to look back on some other time. 

We moved over to the bed where I laid down on my back. He lined up our Princes Peach sex doll behind me and slowly pushed her cock inside of my pussy that was dripping wet at this point from all the anticipation and excitement.

The angle of her cock was perfect for me and I could feel her go in even deeper as my boyfriend slipped his own cock inside her tight little asshole. He later told me that it felt better than he had expected it to. We loved a little anal play ourselves, but having Peach in our bedroom meant we didn’t have to deal with all that prep work. 

Princess Peach Sex Doll

Anyway, in this position, I had a great view of Peach and of my boyfriend too. Every time he thrust into her, she would thrust into me. I had my legs folded, knees to my chest so my pussy would grip tighter around Peach’s cock.

My boyfriend had picked up the pace, one hand squeezing and groping one of her breasts, and the other reaching further forward and down so it could play with mine. I even managed to sneak a few winks at our trusty little camera, knowing how lewd this would all look in the video. 

We even switched positions after a while to give us some variety. My boyfriend sat down on the edge of the bed, his cock still buried hilt-deep inside Peach’s ass. I turned around to face the camera before I sat down so that her cock slipped straight in my wet pussy.

This time I got to control the pace because every time I sat down, Peach would take my boyfriend’s cock deeper inside of her. He even reached out to rub my clit and play with my nipples while we continued to fuck our new sex toy. 

When I tell you that the orgasms we both had from fucking Princess Peach were one of the best ones we’ve ever had, it’s not even an overstatement. I squirted all over our floor and he filled her ass up so much it was oozing out of her.

Thankfully, the cleanup was easier than anticipated, and we set her up to dry out before storing her in our game room, dressed in my old Princess Peach cosplay costume. Now I’m sure our guests probably guess she’s a sex doll, but they’re usually too polite to assert anything. 

Princess Peach Sex Doll

Later on, I asked my boyfriend what he thought about the whole experience and this is what he had to say about it:

“Safe to say I had my doubts. We could’ve used the cash on more games and maybe a new couch in the game room. But man, I’d be lying if I said she wasn’t a great buy. Now all I can think about are some new wild positions for us to try out with her”

So, clearly, he did end up enjoying our Princess Peach video game sex doll. We’re also contemplating whether we should upload our little sex video online, but that’s something we can mull over a bit more. As for now, all I can say is that my boyfriend and I probably have one of the best sex lives ever.

I am definitely a happier customer, and I can’t wait to see what other attachments and add-ons I can get to work with her and in our bedroom. A vibrating dildo or a strap-on is definitely on the list, but all I can say is that Princess Peach is surely pretty damn sweet. 

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