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The market can be overwhelming, and a lifelike companion can cost thousands of dollars. This means your new toy is an investment and requires careful deliberation before purchase.

You want to have a good idea of what you’re looking to get prior to browsing sites. Think about the following criteria and features.

Physical Appearance

What do you want the final product to look like? I’m talking about the basics—male, female, shemale? Are you looking for a celebrity lookalike, a voluptuous teen, or a petite 

Japanese girl?

You should also think about characteristics like:

  • Skin color, hair, and eye color.
  • Facial features (lips, nose, eyebrows, etc).
  • Breast size.
  • Nipple size and color.
  • Pubic hair.

This isn’t a comprehensive list—it’s just to give you an idea. For example, some sites will offer you options like veined eyes (for additional realism).

Full Body or Half?

Sex dolls can be bought full-sized (meaning whole-bodied) or as specific parts. For instance, a torso with a penis attached. Or, a vagina and ass that ends at the waist.

Don’t dismiss half-body varieties straight away. For one, they’re less expensive than full-body varieties. Secondly, they’re easier to manipulate as they’re lighter, and more convenient to store.

Lastly, users with a fetish for a specific body part might gravitate towards half-bodied types.

Weight and Size

Take into account your living situation and physical ability. If you live in a studio apartment, a toy the size of a human being might not be simple to store.

Measure out your intended storage space beforehand. You don’t want to find out when your purchase arrives that it’s too tall to fit in the closet.

Individuals with limitations may find it challenging to move a hefty weight. If you’re in good shape, think about how much you can lift. A realistic model can weigh over 100 pounds.

You won’t have to give up on a full-bodied model if either circumstance applies to you. They come in mini versions, which are whole-bodied but significantly smaller.

Range of Motion

The range of motion can influence how realistic intimacy with your sex doll will be. Full-bodied models have an internal skeleton that can be fully or partially articulated.

This skeleton should be capable of performing the same way ours does—or close to it. Can the legs spread all the way open or only at a limited angle? Is it designed to bend 

at the spine, for positions like doggy-style?

Functionality and Purpose

The functionality of the mouth, anus, and vagina (or penis) is entirely up to your discretion. Don’t forget that these are the components that will bring you the most pleasure.

When you’re debating over a particular model, make sure you read up about these features:


The quality of the material will affect how genuine your sex doll’s genitalia, anus, and mouth will feel. I’ll talk more about that soon—but believe me, quality matters.

You can choose realistic or non-realistic textures. For instance, orifices can be designed with internal ribs and swirls for more stimulation or grip. Penises can have thick veins or a curved head for G-spot stimulation.

Tightness (Vaginal and Anal)

You want to feel a firm grip when you plunge into your sex doll’s ass, vagina, or mouth. Cheaper materials may be more prone to stretching out with frequent use.

Size (Penis)

Choose a length and diameter you can comfortably take.

Additional Sensations

Some sex dolls can be warmed up where it counts before the action starts with a USB attachment. Depending on the company, you can add tantalizing extras—like ribbed vaginas.

Type of Material

I’m going to briefly cover the two most common materials used for the exterior of quality models. It’s either going to be thermoplastic elastomer (TPE), silicone, or a mix of both.

Note that these make up the bulk of your sex doll, not the entirety. There are other compounds that go into construction—too many to count.

Both silicone and TPE have their own sets of pros and cons. One isn’t necessarily better than the other. Choosing a reputable manufacturer matters more.

Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE)

Thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) is a type of flexible, rubber-like material. It can be fabricated in a range of forms and textures—including soft and flexible, like skin.

This property makes TPE popular in the sex toy industry. Cyberskin, which can be found on various dildos and vibrators, contains a form of TPE.7

It isn’t hard to produce and can be recycled, which makes it cheaper. The downside is that TPE doesn’t do well at high temperatures. It can grow fragile the hotter it gets.8

This means a steamy bath with your model is probably out of the question. Similarly, you’ll have to be cautious with water temperature when cleaning it out.


As with TPE, silicone can be made into almost anything.9 Where it concerns sex dolls, silicone is processed into a flexible, skin-like substance.

Silicone is highly resistant to heat, which makes it optimal for adult toys of all kinds. You can sterilize this plastic with boiling water and not worry about damaging it.

This material also bounces back to its original shape when stretched. That translates into your model’s orifices staying tight for longer, even after vigorous sessions. 

Are You Allergic?

As I mentioned, silicone and TPE are preferable to other materials. Besides the soft texture, they’re unlikely to provoke allergic reactions.

Latex is one such example—if you’re sensitive to it, you can develop a rash.10

Readers who have already suffered reactions from latex gloves or condoms need to be cautious. Always check the material of any sex toy before you put down money.

Price and Quality

With sex dolls, price and quality are directly correlated. You’ll be using it long-term, so investing is worth it.

Still, not everyone can conjure up several thousand dollars for the best of the best. That doesn’t mean that luxury sex dolls are off-limits.

Many companies will let you pay for costlier models in installments. You can acquire the toy of your dreams and satisfy your budget at the same time.

Here’s the lowdown on prices and quality:

Cheap ($20 to $900)

At this price range, you can find decent half-models—e.g., torsos or lower bodies. If you’re set on a full-bodied sex doll, you’ll have to settle for simplicity.

You can find higher-end inflatable sex dolls within this range, but they’re not anywhere near realistic. These types have static positions and can lose air (or pop) with rigorous use.

There are also solid full-bodied dolls available. However, they’re not going to be flexible or customizable—what you buy is what you get.

Affordable ($900 to $2,500)

High-end half-models usually don’t exceed $1,500. You’ll be able to have your pick when it comes to those varieties. That means silicone or TPE with an extremely realistic design. 

As for full-bodied varieties, you’ll be able to start looking at customizable ones. Some companies produce great premade models for less than $1,500.

They may not have fancy options or look ultra-lifelike. If you’re still unsure about whether or not you’d enjoy a sex doll, don’t go higher than this.

You can always upgrade your sex doll in the future if you find it worthwhile. If not, at least you didn’t go overboard on a luxurious toy you won’t use.

Expensive ($2,500 to $3,000)

This sum of money should get you a sex doll that feels and looks realistic. You may not be able to choose every extra, but you’ll likely be able to customize where it counts.

Features like skin tone and functional orifices will be at your discretion to tailor. Other features may be static (unchangeable) though—like face shape, or nipple color.

How much you’ll be able to customize will hinge on the company you choose. Some may give you higher quality overall but fewer choices. With others, you’ll get plenty of chances to customize but may be disappointed with the end product.

Top of the Line ($3,000+)

It might shock you, but the fact is some models sell for well over $10,000. The bigger your budget, the fewer restrictions you’ll have in terms of creation.

Body shape, height, and weight are all crafted with the utmost authenticity in mind. These models can have advanced artificial intelligence (AI) systems. Think sensors that provoke moans when touched. 

Skeletons are fully articulate; usually made of titanium. Markings like freckles are added; eyes have depth; genitalia appears lifelike. There’s little to differentiate these physically from a living, breathing human being.

If this sounds irresistible, financing your fantasy is always possible. Ensure you can keep up with the installments, and you’ll be good to go.

See our Best Sex Dolls Guide to find a new companion for lonely nights. 

What Should I Know About Using a Sex Doll?

By now, you may be wondering what will happen after your purchase arrives. I’ll go into detail about sensation in the next section.

First, I’ll share the fundamentals. This is what you should know about usage and care.

Is Warming Your Sex Doll Up Necessary?

If your sex doll comes with heating inserts, all you have to do is switch them on and wait. Users that don’t have such luxuries will have to be innovative.

To warm the orifices, you can heat up a bottle of lube with your hands before applying it. As for the body, slip under the covers with your doll, or use a heated blanket over a regular one. 

It isn’t advisable to apply hot water bottles or electric blankets directly on the sex doll. 

You can melt or warp the skin, particularly if it’s TPE or a lower quality plastic. Check with the manufacturer for tips and tricks to get your toy warmed up safely.

What Are the Best Sex Positions for Sex Dolls?

Positions that require balance or movement from your partner aren’t going to bring you much joy.

Your male toy won’t be able to bring you to orgasm in doggy style. Placing a full-bodied sex doll cow-girl style will necessitate a lot of effort to hold her in place.

Doggy-style, missionary, and spooning are all enjoyable if you’re going to be doing the penetrating. 

You’ll be able to thrust as hard as you want while still getting full-body contact with your sex doll. How well your doll holds her position will depend on her build. 

High-quality skeletons with movable joints should be able to hold a pose. If the skeleton isn’t well-constructed, you may find your partner slipping out of poses at inopportune moments.

Other positions you can try are scissoring (penetrating her at a sideways angle) or cradling her in your lap.

For male models, position him underneath you and start riding. You can also prop him against a wall (if he’s full-bodied).

Can You Dress Up Your Sex Doll?

You can dress your sex doll up in whatever titillating outfits you please. Buy her lingerie, dresses, or any other style of clothing you like.

Adorn her with costume jewelry or slide a pair of spiked stilettos on her feet. If you have a fantasy model, put her in an outfit that suits her character (e.g., anime). She’s there to fulfill your every fantasy, after all.

The same applies to male models. Put him in boxer shorts or a full suit—whatever gets you hot.

What Other Accessories Can You Buy?

You can buy all kinds of accessories; for amusement or to replace certain parts. A few examples are penile attachments, replacement inserts, and cleaning kits.

Clothing, shoes, and jewelry all fall under this category. Note that the availability of accessories to fit your model is manufacturer-dependent.

What Kind of Lube Should You Use?

You’re probably already familiar with the three types of lubricant: oil-based, water-based, and silicone-based.

Oil-based lubricants last for longer, but are more likely to stain and aren’t easy to dissolve. You’ll be the one cleaning your toy’s oily skin and orifices out once the fun is 


Silicone-based brands can degrade silicone sex dolls’ most sensitive areas. The formula of the lube can react with silicone skin, wearing it down over time.11

Water-based lubricants are the clear winners. They’re non-staining and, more importantly, won’t damage your investment.

How Should You Clean Your Doll and How Often?

Cleaning is a vital part of ownership—crusty holes are the opposite of a turn-on. As every sex doll is different, instructions can vary significantly.

Your toy may have come with a cleaning kit included. This usually includes special brushes to clean out orifices safely and thoroughly. For others, this equipment is sold separately.

I recommend adhering to manufacturer guidelines word for word The company that made your companion will tell you what products are safe to use and how.

How often you need to schedule a cleaning depends on you. If you’re getting intimate with your sex doll several times a day, you’ll have to clean it more often.

As with products and procedures, the manufacturer should give you guidelines for frequency.

Storing Your Doll Safely and Discreetly

Inappropriate storage will shorten the lifespan of your sex doll. Jamming it into a closet packed with other items may lead to scratches or damage the skeleton.

A full-size model can be kept underneath your bed as long as you use padding. You can buy a decorative trunk or a discreet bench that opens up.

If you keep your sex doll in a confined space, don’t force it into an unnatural position to fit. If you live alone, you can keep your toy anywhere you like. Still, have an empty room you can lock or a closet to hide it in for when guests are over.

I don’t suggest leaving it next to windows—UV light can deteriorate plastics.12 You might also get uncomfortable questions about the girl or guy sitting in your living room all day.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

This section should answer any issues you may be curious about which I haven’t discussed yet. You can also get familiar with standard sex doll payment and guarantee policies. 

Can You Rent a Sex Doll?

Yes, you can rent a doll in one of two ways if you aren’t sure about buying a model yet. 

You can visit a sex doll brothel, which is similar to a real one. The key difference is that the girls you’ll be soliciting are dolls rather than sex workers. 

Are you not interested in taking your interest public? You can lease a model online—it will be delivered to you for a rental period of your choosing. 

Grab your phone and type in “sex doll rentals” to see what’s available. Otherwise, you can attempt to search for sex doll brothels near you. These businesses are far from a worldwide phenomenon yet, but the niche is growing.

Are You “Weird” If You Buy a Sex Doll?

I included this question one final time for reassurance. No, you are not weird or abnormal in any way if you buy a sex doll.

Are thousands of women “weird” for buying vibrators? How about all the men who partake in fleshlights, cock rings, and anal plugs? What about users who buy fantasy dildos, like dragon-egg dildos?

The answer is a resounding no. Sex dolls are still sex toys, however unique they may be. There’s nothing wrong or taboo about sexual desires, as long as you’re not hurting yourself or others. 

Are There Any Dangers or Side Effects When Using a Sex Doll?

So long as you keep your model clean, there aren’t any physical dangers to sex doll use. As for psychological, I can’t tell you if one of these toys is right for you. Users who are grieving or traumatized may want to consult a therapist first.

Individuals in a relationship might want to double check with their partners before they buy. Your partner might not accept the concept, and the exorbitant price of some sex dolls might cause problems.

What Are Your Payment Options?

I touched on the payment options earlier in the article. Sex dolls in the higher price range often come with the option to pay in installments, like cars or electronics.

You’ll pay a portion of the price upfront, and then installments until your model is fully paid up. Terms and conditions will vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. 

How Long Will Shipping Take? 

Some companies offer expedited shipping for a fee. With others, you may have no choice but to wait for your new sex doll for a month or more. Overseas shipping or living in a country with difficult customs procedures will likely take longer. 

What Will the Package Look Like?

Nearly all companies value their customers’ privacy. You won’t receive a glittering box with “sex doll” emblazoned on the sides. 

The packaging is almost always plain and discreet. The company name may not even be on the box if it’s too suggestive. 

Your neighbors may be curious about the large box, but no one should be able to guess what’s inside. That is unless they’ve ordered a sex doll themselves and recognize the packaging. 

Do Sex Dolls Have a Guarantee?

Quality sex dolls cost a minimum of a thousand dollars. If an accident happens or you receive a defective model, you’ll want compensation.

The majority of reputable manufacturers stand behind their products. There should be a guarantee of some form, particularly for pricier sex dolls.

Do Sex Dolls Have a Return Policy?

Return policies are dependent on sex doll manufacturers. Read up on conditions and policies before you finalize your purchase. You need to be sure you’ll get your money back if the model you ordered isn’t to your satisfaction. 

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