Here Is How Pippa Saved Gay Couple Marriage By Bringing Passion Back To The Bedroom

Pippa Japanese Sex Doll

Although my husband and I have never been a conventional couple, to begin with, with us being a gay couple, we’ve always been rather reserved with each other. Sure, there’s no question that we love each other with everything we’ve got, but our marriage itself did not exactly start with that pure, passionate love most people have.

He and I got married because we both wanted a partnership and the benefits of splitting costs and whatnot. And sure, we did have sex from time to time, but how do I put it…It always felt so polite? 

Sex is supposed to be enjoyable, exciting, and passion-driven. And yes, we’re both very well satisfied, but it almost seems like an awkward happenstance more than anything. In fact, it was so off-putting and odd that we both had to go to the couple’s counseling to find out why this was so.

Turns out we’re both bisexual and leaning towards females. I’ll probably be getting hate from the LGBTQ community for this, but honestly, it’s just how sexuality is. 

After the counseling session, he and I really worked hard into trying to fix our marital problem by including a female partner. But the problem was, we loved each other so much we were afraid that adding another person into our relationship would just muddle things.

After all, our own sexuality and romance was complex enough, what more so with another whole human being’s emotions and feelings being involved. 

Thankfully for us, we had the same taste in women, and we were able to actualize it in the form of Pippa, our darling Japanese sex doll. 

Pippa Japanese Sex Doll

You see, buried in her bountiful bosom and entangled in her long, slender legs, there is no reason for us to get jealous of any feelings developing. No worries about pregnancy, no worries about getting hurt, and hey, it’s a joint property for all I know. 

It only really took about 2 weeks for her to get here. My partner and I took the time to unbox her and thoroughly wash her in our bathroom.

We talked about how adorable she was and how excited we both were to see how the night would go. I for one think that just having her there was more than enough to start rekindling some semblance of passion in our home. 

She was very attractive, definitely hitting all the marks of our type in woman. We even gave her some bonus points for having beautiful, painted toes– how exciting! 

When we first took a peek at her pretty, pink folds, the two of us were rock hard in anticipation already. We talked about the different positions we would put her in and even prepared the tub of lube for better access.

My husband and I kissed each other as we stripped down. I don’t know about him, but I was feeling so much relief that even our kiss felt more genuine now. 

Pippa Japanese Sex Doll

Him being the bigger one between us, we had him lay back on the couch as we slowly lowered Pippa on top of him. He grabbed her full breasts with both hands as he wrapped his arms around her tiny waist. I watched as his erect cock slid into her tight little asshole and disappeared inside it.

I positioned myself between their legs and lubed up my own cock before I pushed forward and slid into her tight pussy. The look of pleasure on my husband’s face was amazing, and having Pippa’s breast press against my chest got me all more excited. 

Soon enough we were both thrusting into her and moaning louder than we’ve ever had in the past few months. It almost felt like we were having sex for the first time again, back when we weren’t officially even dating.

When my husband leaned over and grabbed me by the back of my neck to pull me in for a kiss, I nearly came then and there. 

But he gently motioned for me to get off and he lifted Pippa off of him, standing her up in front of him and slipping his cock inside her pussy, stretching it out nice and wide.

He grabbed me by the ass and pulled me into, grasping my cock in his hands and guiding it into her asshole. Pippa’s little, puckered hole was tighter than I imagined. It felt so good, gripping around my cock like that. But I wasn’t ready for my husband lifting me up completely so that both Pippa and I were basically grabbing hold of him. 

Pippa Japanese Sex Doll

He sauntered over and pushed me against our bedroom wall, Pippa’s back and ass pressing against me every time he thrust forward. He apparently had more than one trick up his sleeve because he opened our bedside cabinet drawer with one hand and pulled out my dildo, lubing it up before reaching under me and teasing my hole with it.

The look in his eyes told me that he was back to his passionate, raw self. When he shoved the dildo right up my ass, I moaned so loud I could see my husband chuckling in delight. 

Like that, he thrust into Pippa the same time he thrust the dildo up my ass. My own cock simply stayed where it was as Pippa’s ass came down and on top of it with each of his thrusts into her. It was complete ecstasy that I felt, physically, and emotionally. 

I don’t care what people say about sex dolls and people who own them. As far as I am concerned, Pippa, this Japanese Sex Doll, saved our marriage.

She let us express our sexuality and truly reconnect with each other. And because there is absolutely no worry about stolen affections, we can both let loose and be free with each other.

In fact, nowadays, we have passionate sex again even without her. But when we’re feeling for a female body at any time, we know that Pippa will be right there, always ready for us. 

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