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The RealDoll 2.0 is made for users wanting a sex doll that’s anything but artificial. A model from this collection is built to look and feel lifelike from head to toe.

The 2.0 line is a step up from the original 1.0 models. They’re also not as expensive as the 3.0 and recently-released 4.0 RealDolls.

There’s sufficient variety to choose from when it comes to characters. Each model in the collection has a name and a distinctive look.

The facial features and certain body options (like custom nipples) are exclusive to the character. They’re not readily available as options for other dolls.

In this RealDoll 2.0 review, you’ll learn if one of these realistic sex dolls can satisfy your craving for authenticity.

Why Should You Buy a RealDoll 2.0?

RealDoll 2.0’s begin at $5,999—without any special options or extras. There are plenty of appealing customizations available, so expect a higher final price.

Unfortunately, sex dolls that are more toy-like than sexy are cheaper to manufacture. Considerable effort goes into building seductively realistic sex dolls.

In turn, you get a partner that’s built to look like she might come to life:

Every Part of Your Doll Is Credible

You may be able to find sex dolls with true-to-life genitalia but poorly designed faces. Perhaps you’ve come across thrillingly stunning models—but they’re stiff and inflexible.

With a RealDoll 2.0, every last component is assembled with diligence and care. The faces you can choose from are symmetrical and beautiful, but they have depth.

Most realistic sex doll Olivia

No detail is too small for the makers of RealDoll 2.0. Even standard options (e.g., wigs) are an upgrade compared to other realistic sex dolls on the market.

These are the factors that will make sex with your doll feel legitimate. You won’t get a whiff of chemicals when you first use her or see obviously-plastic eyes staring back at you up close.

The Only Limit to Customization Is Your Budget

Every RealDoll 2.0 model can be customized. You can make your realistic sex doll unrecognizable from any other existing RealDoll 2.0. She’ll be your creation and yours alone.

There are options to change her cup size and add piercings. You can choose from nine distinct vagina inserts, and modify her pubic hair style and color.

These are only the set choices that are offered before you buy. You can also customize nearly every feature independently, from hair and skin color to nipple size.

Built to Last

It goes without saying, but anything over several thousand dollars is an investment. These realistic sex dolls are crafted to be durable as well as arousing.

With the correct storage and care, your RealDoll 2.0 will be a source of pleasure for years to come.

Most realistic sex doll on her back

What Can You Customize Before You Buy a RealDoll 2.0?

RealDoll spoils its customers for choice while maintaining quality. This table details how you can tailor your realistic sex doll to meet all your lustful desires:

RealDoll isn’t known for offering much in the way of complimentary items. Aside from your realistic sex doll, you’ll also receive:

What Comes in the Box With RealDoll 2.0?

  • Standard cleaning kit.
  • Any extras you ordered (e.g., lube, additional vagina inserts, etc.).

How Does a RealDoll 2.0 Feel and Handle During Sex?

Authentic-looking facial features and a shapely figure are nothing without physical stimulation. Read on to learn how a RealDoll 2.0 will feel and move during sex:

Weight, Height, and Measurements

There are 17 body types to pick from with varying heights and weights. Still, all RealDoll 2.0’s have substantial weight to them (at least 60 pounds).

Ideally, the one you select is what you’re capable of handling. Heavier realistic sex dolls might be impossible to manipulate for users with physical limitations.

Articulation and Range of Motion

The lifelike qualities of your personalized beauty aren’t solely external. RealDoll skeletons are designed with stainless steel joints to mimic the human range of motion.

Your RealDoll 2.0 can be positioned in and hold all sorts of erotic poses. She’ll still require some support—she won’t be able to stand independently.

most realistic sex doll olivia

She also won’t be able to remain in unsupported poses indefinitely. RealDoll has built their realistic sex dolls to move in the same way as a human-being—albeit a sleeping or an unconscious one.

Skin and Responsiveness to Movement

This realistic sex doll’s silicone flesh will feel soft and skin-like underneath your fingertips. There won’t be any plastic-y stench or taste to spoil the illusion when you get intimate with her.

Gel inserts inside each breast ensure they’ll stay firm without being fake. If you select a larger breast size, they’ll soften and sag with time—just like a real woman’s.

Your RealDoll 2.0 has gel inserts in her buttocks too. You won’t get the impression of spanking or squeezing plastic.

Tightness and Texture of Orifices

The thousands you spend will all be worth it when you first enter the mouth, vagina, or anus of your realistic sex doll.

How Real Does She Feel?

Let’s begin with her mouth. Your RealDoll 2.0 will grant you all the pleasures of oral sex with none of the complaints. Her jaw will hinge open as you fit yourself between her lips.

Once you’re all the way in, her mouth will form an intense vacuum around your member. The interior texture is ribbed for stronger orgasms. It shouldn’t take you very long before you succumb to the sublime pressure.

Your realistic sex doll’s vagina doesn’t only look like the genuine article but feels the same too. It’s designed with natural folds and textures. Both the vagina and anus have the same explosive vacuum effect as her mouth.

Can You Buy Different Outfits for a RealDoll 2.0?

Your RealDoll 2.0 may look like a living woman, but she isn’t. The bright side is that she’ll be amenable to all your fashion choices, no matter what they are.

Since RealDolls generally have lifelike proportions, you can head to any woman’s clothing store. For petite realistic sex dolls, search for brands that cater to smaller women.

Memorize your doll’s size details or have them close by and start shopping. The first few times you buy outfits and accessories, hold onto the receipt just in case.

most realistic sex doll posing

Which Lubricant Should You Use?

RealDoll doesn’t recommend any other type of lubricant aside from water-based. You might prefer other varieties, but they could degrade your realistic sex doll’s silicone skin with repeated use.

Testimonials for RealDoll 2.0

These in-depth testimonials from RealDoll 2.0 owners will give you a glimpse into what your investment will get you:

most realistic sex doll testimonial

olivia 2.0 testimonial

Pros and Cons

This is a breakdown of a RealDoll 2.0’s pros and cons. You can mull them over when you’re debating whether or not this realistic sex doll is worth it:


  • Credible appearance overall and true-to-life details (such as realistically sculpted labia).
  • Flesh is crafted with different textures and responses depending on the area (e.g., folds in the vagina)
  • Naturalistic range of motion and flexibility without stiffness.


  • New and improved lines already exist (3.0 and 4.0).
  • Unaffordable for many users.

Where Can You Buy a RealDoll 2.0?

All 2.0 models are available for sale only on the RealDoll official website.

What Are Your Payment Options?

The cost of one of these realistic sex dolls can be prohibitive. RealDoll doesn’t offer financing, but you won’t have to come up with all the money at once.

You can pay $1,500 upfront and the rest in installments. How much you send after this down payment, and how often, are up to you.

The downside is that your RealDoll 2.0 won’t be put into production until you’ve paid the bill in full. Despite that, this payment option is practical if you have trouble saving in the long-term.

Purchase Details and Customer Experience

It’s always useful to be informed about the policies of the company you’re buying from. When you’re spending thousands of dollars on a realistic sex doll, you want to be prepared for every eventuality.

How Long Does Shipping Take?

The shipping speed will vary based on your address. Domestic orders will always arrive faster than orders made from abroad.

Is Packaging Discreet?

Your package may get noticed because of the large size, but nothing more. RealDoll 2.0’s are sent out in wooden crates without any distinguishing markings on them.

Buyers with fears of their private purchase being exposed have nothing to worry about. Nothing will indicate what’s inside the crate—not even the company name.

Return Policy

RealDoll has a strict “all sales are final” policy. That’s not to say that you can’t attempt to contact customer service if you encounter an issue.

Customer Service

You have plenty of choices to get in touch with RealDoll customer support. Use the live chat feature on the website or fill out a form online.

You can also send them an email, fax, or give them a call. Old-fashioned users can even send a letter to the provided address.

Abyss Creations, RealDoll’s parent company, has an excellent reputation for service. They’re known to be prompt, professional, and helpful.

How Does a RealDoll 2.0 Compare to Other Sex Dolls?

Kanojo Toys is another manufacturer that builds ultra-realistic sex dolls. Check out the pros of Ange and Yasuragi, two alternatives to the RealDoll 2.0:

Ange Sex Doll

  • Fantasy orifice textures available (whirlpool and octopus grip).
  • Photo-realistic, true-to-life facial features and expression.
  • Includes complimentary repair kit with purchase.

Ange sex doll

Yasuragi Sex Doll

  • Able to hold poses for longer with a “Hard-Grip” body.
  • Strikingly lifelike silicone skin (visually and physically).
  • Flexible range of motion.

Yasuragi sex doll

NB! Feel free to read our Best Sex Dolls Guide. Hope this is helpful!

Final Verdict and Recommendation

My final verdict is that the RealDoll 2.0 is worth it if you aren’t willing to compromise on realism. Money will be the last thing on your mind after your first time having sex with your doll.

You’ll be able to see (as well as feel) the value of this realistic sex doll whenever you use her. You also get the never-ending delight of owning a sex toy that you designed yourself.

Your RealDoll 2.0 can be the fantasy girl you’ve always dreamed of in three dimensions. No aspect is too small for customization (freckles, piercings, pubic hair, etc.).

With proper care, your realistic sex doll will last you for years. The cost may deter you, but remember that she’s supposed to be a long-term investment.

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