My Wife Don’t Know A Thing How Ethan’s Bulging Cock Visited My Anus

Ethan Male Sex Doll

Do you believe that loving someone means complete and total honesty with them? I’ve been married to my wife for a good 10 years now and our kids are 10 and 7 years old. I love her a lot. I couldn’t have asked for a better life partner, let alone the perfect mother for my children. 

But there is something that I haven’t been able to tell her. 

I’m gay. 

I know a lot of you will tell me to just come out clean with her. But I know for a fact that it’ll break her. She comes from an incredibly “holy” upbringing. She has never had a boyfriend before me, and every time we’d make love after marriage, it was always gentle and somehow sanctified in itself. Sex with my wife was like a special hug I suppose.

And we didn’t even do it too frequently, mostly because I never really craved or wanted it actively, but neither did she with all the childcare, household care, and church events that she facilitated and actively participated in. 

But 10 years is a very long time to be left satisfying oneself in secret during baths while the wife is away for a donation run. If there was a plus side though, my work requires me to go out of town very frequently. And like I said, I love my wife. And despite being a great way to release sexual tension the way I prefer, I would never in my life, ever, cheat on her. 

Well, one day I needed to attend a series of seminars and conferences in a certain city a flight away. It gave me about a month actually. And I don’t know what got into me, but I had already decided on the best way to relieve myself without cheating on her. It was through Ethan. 

Ethan Male Sex Doll

Ethan is a short, adorable male sex doll with a detachable cock that was nice and long but also quite thick. I made sure to time it perfectly, ordering it into the small apartment I would be staying at in advance so that I would be there to meet him the moment I arrived. And when I did get there and Ethan was escorted to my doorway, I was ecstatic. I felt so giddy, like a schoolgirl. 

He had long hair that framed his cute little face that made his toned body an even amazing surprise once I had him undressed and lying on my bed. I had waited for this moment for so long that now that it was right in front of me, I didn’t know what to say or how to begin. 

I let my body lead me. Without a second thought, I bent straight down to take his cock straight down my throat. I gagged hard, lubing up his entire length as I began bobbing my head up and down, sucking on his shaft as my tongue ran all around.

I made sure to suckle on the head of his cock nice and slow, flicking the tip with my tongue. I could already feel my own cock grow hard against my undergarment and slacks, glancing at my own reflection on the mirror by the wall. 

Ethan Male Sex Doll

I felt so slutty, and honestly, I loved it. Once in a while, I believe everyone deserves to feel this way. It’s so arousing. 

I contemplated for a bit about whether I should use lube or not, but it didn’t even matter in the end because I had completely forgotten to get myself any. But I figured my arousal and Ethan’s cock being absolutely drenched in my slobber would be enough. I positioned myself in front of him and facing the mirror so I could look at myself in full view. 

His cock pushed against my own asshole, stretching it out nice and slow as I exhaled slowly to let the head of his penis glide into me.

It was so big, sliding extremely slowly as I began to take him inside me little by little. But soon enough, I had his entire length inside of me, and I sat there leaning against his chest, watching my own erect cock twitch. 

It didn’t take me too long before I got used to his girth and length deep inside me and I began to rock my hips slowly. Grinding against his lap, I could feel his cock pressing up against my prostate, sending amazing trembles down my spine. I was leaking so much precum that the tip of my cock was glimmering under the apartment lights. 

Now that I was fully accustomed, I began lifting myself up and then bouncing back down unto his lap in a slow rhythm. Little by little, I began picking up pace, feeling my balls tighten up as I got closer and closer to the kind of release that I had never experienced in the 10 years I’ve been with my wife. And truth be told, Ethan kind of reminded me of my old boyfriend before my wife who was the one that introduced me to the joys of my prostate. 

Ethan Male Sex Doll

Finally, I was shuddering and trembling, biting down on my lip to keep myself from shouting as I shot string after string of hot, thick cum straight out in front of me.

I was panting, reveling in this ecstatic moment when I suddenly heard my phone ringing, my wife’s caller ID on the screen. It felt so naughty, talking to her and telling her I had arrived safely with Ethan’s cock still buried deep inside me, my own cock twitching and slowly coming back to life. 

I don’t think what I did was wrong. I made sure to do everything to protect her image and her conservative nature.

And I also made sure I looked out for my own happiness. But I supposed the next thing I must consider is what to do with Ethan when it’s time to head back. That’s for later though, because the moment the call ended, I was riding him once again. 

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