Wild Ride For Jasmine And Her Teasing Anus

jasminee sex doll

I was practically glued to the front door as I eagerly waited for the mailman to deliver my long-awaited package.

I woke up very early this morning to make sure I didn’t miss the elusive mailman and his delivery for fear of it getting returned if I wasn’t there to receive my order at the right time. 

My doorbell goes off and I quickly sign the papers on the delivery man’s clipboard, and hurriedly yanked the sizable package out of his arms, into my grasp – praying he did not know the contents that were inside.

The box was kind of heavy on its own but the sheer passion of my imminent raging boner was strong enough to get me to pull the large box all the way upstairs to the secret comfort of my bedroom.

Once in my room, I closed the door and locked it out of paranoia of someone seeing me unboxing my long-awaited sex doll. I began to open the package, eagerly waiting to discover how my Jasmine looks like in real life. 

To be honest, I was kind of disappointed at first. Yes, Jasmine was there waiting for me but she had to be assembled. Because of this, the first impression of her didn’t pump more blood to my downstairs department. Nevertheless, I wasn’t underwhelmed as the body of the sex doll was just sublime. 

jasminee sex doll

I pretty much immediately started thinking about how she would look like all dressed up…Jasmine’s jiggling boobs and curvy body in tight see-through clothes was getting me hard, no doubt about that. 

I reached out a bit just to test how the boobs felt…and oh my God they felt so real, so plump, so exciting to play with. 

I began to fondle the breasts as they were so soft yet beautifully curved. The feeling, the urge to stick my cock between her tits made my dick even harder.

But I resisted my innate manly urges and continued to take the contents out of the box to assemble my curvy Jasmine. 

I took the dolls head out of the box and assembled it on top of her sexy body.

I felt my mouth starting to drool for her. My pants were so tight around my cock when I lifted her on my bed. Jasmine was amazing and I really could put her in any position I wanted!

Once my freshly-arrived fuck doll was on my bed I begin to fondle her because I just could not RESIST the soft and lovely texture of her skin. I slid my hand over her chest and breasts and squeezed both of her nipples. 

“Oh!” The soft sound of a woman moaning erupted from the sex doll. I continued to softly massage the nipples as the doll continued to make such sexy and arousing sounds.

jasminee sex doll

It felt so real and soft that I finally broke, I couldn’t resist any longer, and shoved the entire breast in my mouth.

Jasmine H-cup was HUGE and I could barely get the whole thing to fit in my mouth. At the same time, I began to undo my pants and shoved them onto the floor while still touching Jasmine’s body.

I got up on the bed and positioned the doll to be bent over. This way, I had her huge curvy sexy ass up in the air pointed right at me.

I had my dick already hard and waiting in my right hand. I moved aside her huge voluptuous butt-cheeks and started eating her pussy and asshole. Once, wet enough…

“Ahhhhhh!” The high-pitched sound came out of the curvy sex doll as I position myself to perform some sweet-sweet doggy style fucking with her. Jasmine moaned profusely at every thrust I made.

The sex doll performed better than I could ever hope! The pussy was so ribbed inside and soft that I immediately began to plow into it, using my full force to bang the sex doll with its fat ass and not have to worry about it tipping over or breaking.

After a few minutes, I decided to switch poses and had the doll lying on its back with one knee up and the other over its head. In this position, I could see her pussy lips invitingly open. I showed my dick right into it again and again. Her vagina tightly grabbed around my penis, no other real woman’s pussy has ever made me feel like this. I could feel her pussy texture in every inch – until being balls-deep inside her. 

Once I began to feel myself to reach climax, I gritted my teeth and pulled out. I did that because I wanted to try out her mouth for the first time as well. 

At this point, I was fully undressed. I position the curvy sex doll over my raging boner and pushed her head and mouth down onto me. I was ready to blow my load, so I didn’t hold back my tempo and began moving Jasmine’s head aggressively.

I could barely hold back my moans of pleasure and ecstasy as I began to reach completion with the sex dolls moist and wet mouth.

“Ohhhhh! Ahhhhh!! Mhnah!” The hot erotic sounds continued to burst from the doll as I finally set it in her final position that I planned to bust my nut from.

jasminee sex doll

I had Jasmine lying down on her side, the upper half of her body twisted to face me while I the lower half twisted the other way, so Jasmine’s fat curvy sexy ass was facing towards me.

I took my cock and inserted it slowly into her tiny anus. Once, my penis head was in, I thought to myself that she isn’t getting ass fucking today and pulled it right back out. Why? I figured myself that I’ll take her anal virginity the next day. This way, I could imagine banging her ass for the very first time throughout the day and have a nice semi-boner in my pants. 

However, I was still horny so instead, I penetrated her pussy one last time. 

“Ehhha! Ahhhh!! Gahhh!!!” Jasmine moaned and cried as the tip of my dick hit just the end of the vaginal hole multiple times in a row. And, at this point, I was ready to blow my load deep inside of her. 

I tightly grabbed hold of the curvy sex dolls hips and made final thrusts into her slurpy vagina. The sensation of blowing my load in her was just out of this world. 

The best part was that I could replicate the same fuck session with her whenever I wanted as Jasmine was all mine now. 

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