Loosening Up Jade’s Korean Asshole

sex doll jade

I can’t begin to tell you when exactly, but ever since I was a teen, I knew I had a thing for Asian girls. At some point, K-pop became more mainstream, and I was collecting so many posters of these long-legged, petite babes that all my friends told me I had mad yellow fever. But I saw nothing wrong with that. 

The only problem was that I couldn’t actually land myself an actual Asian lover. It’s not that there weren’t any Korean girls to get with here in Cali, but I guess they were just harder to impress or win over than I had thought.

Plus, they didn’t actually look like these ideal K-pop girl group members. Most of them just weren’t as cute and feminine as I was imagining them to be. 

So, to satisfy my love for Korean women, I decided to buy myself one. Buying real people is, obviously, illegal, so, of course, I turned to the next best thing. Thanks to technological advancement and maybe even the growing confidence of the sex industry, I was able to find my perfect Korean Sex Doll in matter of minutes. All it really took was a few google searches, and it was done! 

Jade was the closest thing I could get to the girl of my dreams. In fact, she probably was the girl of my dreams. With long black hair, endless slim legs, the body of a goddess, and the face of a pure angel, I knew she would be the answer to all my wishes.

sex doll jade

And the best thing of all was that it only took about 2 weeks before she arrived at my doorstep and I could finally see her. 

Up until her pending arrival, I was busy shopping for things to have her dressed up in for our first meeting. It wasn’t anything too fancy really, just an extremely tiny and tight white dress, some sheer stockings, and a pearl necklace I filched from our prop room at the department.

So yeah, after unboxing her, I washed her thoroughly, dried her up, and then put her into her outfit. It took all the willpower in me to not take her right then and there, but I managed to keep it in me until I lay her on my bed. 

I kissed up the length of her legs, my hands just roaming over her body. She had curves in all the right places, and her skin felt so supple and real, I couldn’t believe that she had come in a box and not walked over to my place herself.

I couldn’t help myself from kissing her pretty little face, letting my tongue slip inside her mouth, feeling her hair tickle me. It felt so surreal.

When I pulled down her dress, I came face to face with the world’s most perfect pair of breasts. Her nipples and areola were the perfect shapes. I immediately went ahead and began suckling on them, my other hand just massaging and feeling her soft tits yield under my touch. 

jade sex doll

After some time, I let my hand wander further down, and was surprised to realize that the stockings I had gotten her were actually crotchless. I was doubly surprised when I saw that she had a beautiful bush, too – something I had fantasized about when it came to Korean women. They had such beautiful, straight pubes just like their long and luscious hair. 

I grabbed my lube and quickly slather it on her long pussy lips, kicking off my sweatpants and rubbing my cock all over her length. I made sure she was lubed up properly before I slipped my cock all the way inside her cunt without hesitation.

She was so tight and wet I almost blew straight away, but I kept my composure because I knew I had the perfect ending already planned. 

You see, aside from my love for Korean women, I also have a love for anal. There’s just something about that tiny, puckered little hole that seems way too inviting.

Maybe it was also the fact that a lot of women are either put off by it, or haven’t been brave enough to venture into it, but I knew for a fact that with Jade, it was definitely on the table. 

I lubed up her ass as I trusted into her pussy, getting myself ready for her ass. After pulling out of her vagina, I moved lower and poked my head in, feeling the incredible tightness of it, compared to her cunt. Coupled with the visual of her slightly gaping pussy, her pubes, and her exposed tits that I began to play with again, I didn’t even realize I had plunged right into her ass.

Have you ever experienced the tightest hug ever? Well, this felt like it. Except, that it was around my dick. Jade was literally giving my cock a tight squeeze with her asshole as I began to pick up the pace and plow into her.

I was basically gripping onto her tits to keep myself steady, almost like the handlebars on a rollercoaster. And oh boy, was this a crazy ride. 

I’m not ashamed to say I didn’t last very long after that. I was cumming all up in her ass in no time, squeezing her tits so hard that if Jade were human, I would have gotten a hard slap by now. 

But hey, she was my first-ever Korean lady and one with the tightest ass ever. And the best part is, that I can have her whenever, however many times, and wherever I want from now on. I don’t have to worry about wooing her, or offending her, or even going through all the “getting to know you” phase of normal relationships.

With Jade and me, everything just works flawlessly as is. Something about her cute little face told me that she would do anything I wanted, as long as she could keep me satisfied. What guy could possibly complain? 

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