How We Ended Up With Icy Blonde Sex Doll Freya While Netflixing

freya icy blonde sex doll

Every guy out there has probably fantasized about having a threesome at least once in their life. But it’s easier said than done in most situations, which was exactly our problem when we first started seeking it out.

My friend and I had always joked about wanting to bang the same hot chick over a few beers since we were in high-school. But it was either one of our ex-girlfriends was completely turned off by the idea, or we found it to be tricky navigating emotions and whatnot.

And so, naturally, we decided to look for one-night stands, but we could not decide on the same woman, she didn’t like either of us back, or we just couldn’t get anyone to agree. 

So one night we were watching some kind of Viking series on Netflix and we were talking about how hot these icy blondes were when my friend came across an advert for sex dolls. Scrolling through the still photos of Freya, we were dead set that she would be the answer to all our threesome dream problems. It took us a while to work out the payment aspect of it, but other than that, we just couldn’t wait for her to arrive.

My roommate was the one who got to unbox the package because I was away when it arrived. This is what he told me over the call when seeing Freya for the first time:

“She’s a fucking Icy queen! I can already picture her cold blue eyes staring at me while I throatfuck her later when you get back”

The moment I got home, I went straight over to the living room where I saw our new little lady friend all posed in a seated position on the couch with her hands pulling her fat ass cheeks apart. I had a full, front-seat view of her delicious pussy folds and her tiny, gaping asshole. 

freya icy blonde sex doll

My roommate came over from the kitchen and already had a pack of chilled beer in his hand that we cracked open almost immediately, cheering to our shared girlfriend. 

It didn’t take us long to clear the 6 pack, and soon enough we were sitting on either side of Freya, just feeling her bare skin and hair, and neither of us really knew how or when to start whatever. But after a few more beers, my roommate was making out with Freya, his hands groping and squeezing at her perky little breasts while I watched.

I only stood to grab the lube from my room, squeezing some onto my palm and rubbing it over her pussy lips, slipping my fingers inside her, and squeezing some more lube inside to get her nice and wet. 

We only stopped once to reposition her on her hands and knees so that we had free access to either end of her. I unzipped my pants and pulled out my cock that had gotten hard from feeling her pussy wrapping tightly around my fingers. Lining up behind her, I cupped her ass and squeezed the cheeks hard, rubbing the tip of my cock over her folds before slowly sliding myself inside, feeling her tight little cunt gripping my shaft.

All the lube made it even smoother, and soon enough I was thrusting in and out of her to the beat of the music playing from the TV behind us. 

Meanwhile, my roommate had stood up and was standing behind our couch, his pants discarded somewhere on the floor. His hands were in Freya’s blonde hair, gripping it tightly as he lined up the lube bottle in her mouth and squeezed.

Then, without hesitating, he rammed his cock straight inside her mouth, letting out a groan and grinning as he began thrusting quickly. 

freya icy blonde sex doll

At one point, our eyes met and we ended up laughing before reaching out to high-five. I passed him a fresh beer and we clinked cans, drinking as we fucked Freya in between us.

This was even better than we had pictured it would go, and I was sure it was because Freya was a sex doll and not a real girl, which probably would have complicated things. But this, this was awesome!

Then he had a brilliant idea. He walked over with the bottle of lube in his hand and slumped down on the couch, motioning for me to pull away. He lubed up Freya’s ass and lifted her up and on top of him. I knew exactly what he was aiming for so I walked over and slipped myself back in her pussy, this time playing with her breasts myself.

It took us a while to figure out the rhythm but we soon got the hang of it. Her pussy felt even tighter, and I guessed it was because his cock was filling her ass up, and somehow that constricted things further. 

We switched positions midway again, this time with the both of us standing and Freya floating in between us. I had the chance to try out her ass this time, and it was definitely tighter than her pussy.

Beers long since discarded, we were both grunting and groaning, enjoying this threesome that we had been envisioning since our teen years where we used to jerk off to porn in secret before. And now, here we were, fucking a sexy blonde at the same time.

I don’t even remember who came first but we eventually did, and it was a complete mess. This petite sex doll had drained both of us and we knew for sure neither of us would be jacking off anymore, now that she was in our house. After downing a few more cans each, we both decided we had to figure out how to wash her, so we carried her to the bathroom shower.

I left it to my roommate’s hand and popped off to the kitchen to see what we could have for dinner. All that fucking had definitely gotten us hungry.  

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