How I Jizzed In Surprisingly Tight Elenas’ Asshole

black sex doll elena

Finally, after over three weeks of eager waiting, my lovely Elena had arrived. When taking her into my flat, I made sure to pull the curtains closed tight before placing the large box gently beside my mattress. Being careful with the packaging, I took out all the wrappings and protective covering before standing her up to gaze down at her. 

Her dark, glistening skin, jet black hair, full breasts, tiny waist, and a large, supple ass was too good to be true. Elena, my beautiful black sex doll looked at me with slightly parted lips, her eyes blank with no expression. 

Taking her out of its container, I carried her over to my mattress and laid her gently beside me. I let my hands stroke her hair, caressing her cheek, feeling how soft her lips felt as I slipped my index finger into her mouth to feel the tightness of it. I closed my eyes at the thought of how good her lips would feel around my veiny cock. 

Her breasts were a good handful, so soft and supple, even the fake but real looking nipples on the sex doll felt good. But what I was more eager to feel was what layed between her thighs. I moved her legs apart, bending her knees for better access, exposing her pussy lips and tiny asshole.

black sex doll elena

I gave her ass a hard smack, watching with satisfaction how it jiggled. Again, I let my finger stroke around her latex vagina, feeling the fold and the slit before slipping it inside to feel the ribbed walls of her cunt wrapping tightly around my finger. “With a bit of lube, Elena’s pussy would suck my cock dry in minutes” I figured to myself.

I then pulled my finger out and gently slid it down and around the rim of her perfect asshole, so tiny and smooth. When I let my finger test the depth and feel of it, I couldn’t help but let out a satisfied moan at just how much tighter it was—the perfect place to blow a load in. 

Now, when everything was set, I stood back up and stripped off my clothes. Opening the bedside drawer, I took out an old bottle of water based lube I used to jerk myself off with either my hand or my pocket pussy. But now all this was just history as I had my very own sex doll, and an incredibly hot one too. She was a pretty big investment, but I could already tell that she was going to be worth it. 

Squirting some of the lube on my cock that had gotten erect during the unboxing and the initial testing of all of Elena’s holes, I stroked my cock to coat it evenly before straddling Elena’s chest, feeling her breasts press against my butt cheeks. I traced her plump lips with the tip of my cock before finally pushing it in, watching her mouth stretch to take me in balls deep. 

black sex doll elena

“Shit” I groaned, feeling the tight, wetness of her throat as I hit maximum depth. I began thrusting my hips against her, watching how her lips would move almost realistically from the motion, opening and closing, wrapped tightly around my cock as if it didn’t want me to pull out.

But after a while, I did. Wiping sweat that had formed on my forehead, I slid down and knelt between the fuck doll’s legs, reaching both of my hands to give her breasts a tight squeeze before sitting back straight again. Parting her pussy with my fingers, I squirted some of the lube inside of her to get her ready for me. Slowly, I eased my cock inside of her vagina, feeling the ribbed wall almost suck me in as it gripped me tightly. 

Leaning forward, I began sucking one of her tits while squeezing and kneading the other, thrusting in and out of her as fast as I could, her pussy making loud squelching noises as her vagina gaped open every time I’d pull out. Elena’s pussy was ten times better than a pocket pussy. I could feel her ass and her juicy thighs hit against me each time I’d thrust back in. 

I knew I was going to come soon, a light sheen of sweat on my bare body as I began breathing harder. Pulling back out, I lifted her horned up body and flipped her over. I positioned her to be on her knees, legs spread apart, but for her chest to be pressed flat on the sheets. I gave her ass cheeks a tight squeeze before squirting lube inside her asshole. 

Finally, I got on my knees behind her and slipped in, letting out a long groan at how tight her asshole was around my dick. I began fucking her doggy-style, one hand gripping unto her ass cheek as it bounced with each thrust, the other hand giving her other cheek loud smacks as I began grunting faster and louder. 

black sex doll elena

Elena felt so good, the lube making her holes feel unbelievably realistic. I leaned completely over her, my chest pressed against her back, my arms wrapped around her to cup both of her breasts as I began jerking my hips fast, groaning aloud as I came close to cumming. 

With one final grunt, I gripped her tits as hard as I could, spurts of my hot cum filling up her asshole as my body began to relax, resting my weight on top of her. Collecting my breath, I raised myself up, slowly sitting back on my haunches to watch her gaping asshole slowly shrink back down, watching as my cum oozed out of her ever so slowly. 

I leaned forward, licking the bead of cum with my tongue before planting a kiss on the black sex doll’s ass cheek. I moved her to her side and slid behind her, wrapping my arms around Elena, pressing a kiss in the crook of her neck as I slowly began to fade into sleep. 

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