How My Brother and I Drained Our Balls Deep Inside Tanned Olivia

Olivia Tan Sex Doll

My brother and I are very close to each other. We’re actually twins. Ever since we were born, we did everything together. We ate the same food, slept at the same time, took baths together, went to the same school, etc. As we began to grow up more, we discovered porn together and would regularly jerk off side by side. We even had a game where we would see who could cum the fastest, or on another day, who could cum the latest. 

It wasn’t anything incestous though. We never touched each other. Even thinking about it makes us want to puke. We just have the exact same taste, and enjoy each other’s company more than anyone else’s. 

During college we each dated different girls and whatnot, but we always found it annoying that we had to spend less time with each other. We tried looking for one girl who’d be open to dating both of us at the same time, but they would either hate the idea, or they would want us to do things together, which didn’t sit well with us. So most of the time we just resorted to a good old wank while watching porn on our big screen TV at the flat we shared. 

One day my twin called me over to his room and showed me a picture of Olivia for the first time. She was right up our alley in terms of appearances.

We had previously talked about how we wanted to be able to share a woman who would just do as we said and not complicate things. And now we found our solution. This tan sex doll would be able to satisfy our need for a woman whilst still letting us cum together like always. 

So after about a few weeks passed by, I was home when the package arrived. They weren’t joking about the discreet packaging because I was definitely confused for a few minutes, thinking that my twin had ordered some kind of furniture. 

Olivia Tan Sex Doll

Anyway, I unboxed it first and played around with some poses while waiting for my brother to get home. This tan sex doll was better than I had expected. Her flesh was so supple, and her body was a complete banger.

I had her sit on the edge of the sofa and squirted some lube over the front of her panties to make it look like she was wet. Then I snapped a photo and sent it over to my twin, telling him to hurry his ass home. 

The moment he got home he started stripping down to his boxers, making a pit stop at our kitchen to pour us a drink each. We watched our new little friend for the next few minutes until he had her lay back down and pulled her panties down her thighs to expose her beautiful pussy lips and tiny, puckered asshole. We talked about the possible positions we could go for and the order too before shaking on it. 

Olivia Tan Sex Doll

We made sure to pump her ass and pussy with lots of lube to get her ready for us. It was his idea to warm it up a bit to make it a bit more realistic. I laid back down on the sofa and lifted Olivia on top of me, facing me. Her breasts felt great pressed up against my chest.

Her pussy gripped around my cock as I slipped it in her pussy, feeling the ribbed walls of it all over my length. My twin slipped his own cock down her ass, grabbing at it and giving it tight squeezes and gropes. 

We could see each other’s faces as we fucked this tan babe between us. We even clinked our glasses together to celebrate this elevated simultaneous masturbation of ours. Our rhythms were in sync as we pounded into her, groping and grabbing at her supple body. 

Midway we flipped around so that my twin was on his back and I was at the top. This felt even better than we thought it would be before we made the purchase. But now we were both sets on not needing a girlfriend at all as long as we had each other and Olivia in between. 

Olivia Tan Sex Doll

I have a thing for cumming in mouths, so we had to pull out for a sec just to reposition. Olivia looked great leaning up against the sofa arm with her ass up in the air for my twin who plunged straight back into her ass which he preferred. I walked over to the opposite end and lubed up her mouth before plunging my cock right into it. It almost felt exactly as good as her cunt did. 

We were in full ecstasy, each thrust from me pushing her ass down lower on him, and each thrust he made pushing her mouth all the way to the hilt of my cock. I don’t know who reached over first but we were holding each other’s hands as we continued to plow into her until we came at exactly the same time- two identical groans, two identical pairs of balls being drained into this tan sex doll that was in between us. We had gripped our hands so tightly our knuckles were white when we finally let go. 

We slipped out of her and picked up our glasses and drained whatever was left of it. Safe to say we could both definitely get used to this and when we sat down on our couch, we began to discuss all the new positions we could put Olivia in. I think we were both just really excited but also trying not to get up and start cleaning up the evidence of all the fun we just had. Neither of us really wanted to do it so we made it into a game again. We’d clean her together tonight, but the next time, the one who came the fastest would have to do the dirty work– and then we shook on it. 

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