Ginger Sex Doll Shae And A House All To Myself

shae ginger sex doll

I’m not too sure when it started, but ever since I was younger, I’ve always had a thing for redheads. There was just something about them that would instantly get me aroused.

Along the way I’ve had a couple of redhead girlfriends, but then I realized one more issue– they wouldn’t let me have anal sex. 

Imagine my surprise when my girlfriend told me she had the perfect gift for me for my birthday and I got a package that was bigger than anything I’ve ever gotten in my life (except for that time we bought an assemblable cabinet from IKEA).

It arrived when my girlfriend had to be away at her parents for a funeral of a distant relative, so I had the house all to myself.

After going through all the wrappings, I had to stand in silence for a moment just to take it all in. Shae was beautiful.

Flaming red hair framing her face with those bright green eyes, her body was petite and so much smoother than I imagined she would be. I quickly learned that she could be repositioned however I wanted, so I propped her on our bed so she would look up at me.

I touched her, feeling the smooth curves of her body, letting my palm smooth over her small, perky breasts, down her flat stomach, and over her bare pussy folds. 

I could already feel myself get hard immediately the moment I let my hands feel down her lower, my finger running over her little puckered asshole. Darting to my door to make sure it was shut and locked, I took my shirt off and tossed it across the room.

I fumbled with my shorts as I slipped them off along with my boxers, losing footing and accidentally toppling over the ginger sex doll. When I pulled myself off of her, she was laying on bed, almost begging me to take her then and there. 

shae ginger sex doll

I ran over to our bedside table and grabbed my trusty bottle of lube. Leaning over her, I squirted some lube into her mouth, rubbing it over her lips and then slipping my fingers down her throat to feel her depth.

I used the same hand to rub the remaining lube all over my cock that was already throbbing in anticipation. 

Her lips gave way easily as I slipped my cock all the way down her throat, her wet lips circling tightly around the base of my dick.

Her blue eyes glimmered under the low bedroom light reflecting off of them as I thrust my hips into her face, the tip of my dick hitting the back of her throat whenever I’d really plow into her. 

I spun around so that I was facing her feet, already lubing up her pussy so that it was nice and ready for me. Her pussy folds were so soft and smooth, the inner ridges of her cunt I could feel with my fingertips got me so excited, I pulled out of her mouth and clambered over the bed just to get in position. 

Grabbing hold of her supple thighs, I gave them a tight squeeze before slipping my dick inside of her. It almost felt like her pussy was sucking me in. I lifted her up and spun us around so I was sitting on the edge of the bed and she was straddling me.

My hands gripped at her full ass, squeezing them in my palms as I began lifting her up and down over myself so she would slam into my lap with each thrust. At one point I could have sworn I saw my girlfriend’s face merge with Shae’s. If I shut my eyes and focused hard enough, I could imagine her moaning into my ear. 

But this was merely a teaser into the main event of the night. Although a bit reluctant, I didn’t want to cum into her pussy too soon. I still had my first anal experience to enjoy after all. 

Lifting her off of me, I crawled towards the headboard and propped her up against it. Her breasts were pressed against the pillows as I arched her back to lift her ass up more for better access.

I then took my bottle of lube and pushed the nozzle up her asshole to squirt some into it. I made sure to coat my own cock with it too, gripping Shae’s shoulder with one hand and my own dick with the other as I rubbed its head over the tight little puckered hole. 

shae ginger doll

Taking it slow, this hole being tighter than her pussy, I pushed myself deep inside her until I was balls deep. I could feel every single ridge of her asshole as I slipped in, feeling how wet and tight she was as her ass stretched out for me.

When I started stroking, it took everything in me not to blow in her then and there. My sexual fantasy was being fulfilled and it was better than all the imagined scenes that I would rub myself out to. 

I was thrusting in and out of her in no time. My hands were cupping both of her breasts in either hand, squeezing and toying at her nipples as I kept fucking her up the ass, feeling her butt jiggle each time I slammed my hips into it. Her ginger hair would tickle my chest each time she would move, exciting me even further.

Although I tried to keep it in as long as I could, I ended up blowing deep inside her ass, gripping at her tits so hard I thought I had left permanent marks on them. 

Safe to say, I had the best birthday sex ever with my new ginger sex doll. I’m not sure how often I’ll be able to fuck her, but I really hope my girlfriend doesn’t come back from the funeral in any hurry. I can already imagine all the different positions and places I can fuck Shae in next. 

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