Curly Hair Sex Doll Rosalyn And a Sex Tip By A Friend

rosalyn curly sex doll

The first ever sex doll I bought was one of those old school blow up ones that you see being made into a joke on TV a lot. But sex dolls have come a long way since then, which meant I started curating a good amount of them for my own personal harem of sorts. Most of them are great, but I’ve been struggling with getting one with a more durable build that didn’t compromise on flexibility and the supple feeling of their flesh. 

When a friend and fellow sex doll enthusiast introduced me to Rosalyn, I knew she would be perfect for me. Her wild curly hair and lithe frame told me just how feisty she was, and was going to be, which is why I ordered her right away. Despite the excitement and expectant wishes, the three weeks flew by in a blur and I was caught by surprise when she was finally delivered to my doorstep in nice discreet packaging as promised.

Taking the box inside, I unboxed the package right away, lifting her up and propping her to sit on the couch as I marveled at her beauty. The outfit she came in was just as playful as she was, giving me an overall pleasant first impression. But I still had to make sure she was worth the buy, which is why I stripped her down to her undergarments and led her to my bathroom to be washed. 

Her lean, toned body was amazing to look at and to run my hands over. Her perky little A-cups were nice and supple to the touch, her cute little ass was firm and jiggled lightly as I gave her a smack. I stripped her down completely to wash her off, making sure I paid extra attention to her nooks and crannies, running my finger all along the folds of her pussy and the tiny, puckered asshole. Satisfied, I dried her off and carried her like a princess over to my bedroom, laying her carefully down on the sheets. 

Now that all the initial preparations were over, I began to strip out of my own clothes too, eager to try out my new addition to the harem. I could already visualize how well Rosalyn would go with my other sex doll, Darlene, but that would have to wait. 

I took out my tub of cream lubricant and scooped up a good chunk of it. Kneeling down between my new flat chested love doll, I gently began sliding my fingers along the delicate folds of her pussy. Then I slowly began rubbing the cream over her pussy lips, slipping my finger inside her tight hole to lube it all up. Knowing the kind of pounding she was about to get, I made sure she was all slicked up and ready. Which is also why I began lubing up her even tighter asshole the same way, making sure I got her all the way inside. 

rosalyn curly sex doll

Now that I was done, I rubbed the left over cream all over my cock, stroking it from hilt to shaft and back again slowly, just marveling at Rosalyn, stroking her thigh with one hand before I quickly flipped her over. 

With her laying on her back, I made sure to arch her back to lift her ass higher towards me. Positioning myself, I rubbed the tip of my cock all over her pussy lips before I pushed myself inside her in one go.

Her pussy was so tight around my cock I could just imagine how much tighter her ass was going to be. But she took it like a champ, her little ass jiggling as I began thrusting in and out of her at a steady rhythm, just feeling her insides as they wrapped around my dick. 

Not missing a beat, I thrust straight into her tight little asshole the next time I pulled out, plunging deep into her. Rosalyn’s asshole was perfect! I immediately began to pound into her, grabbing her by the neck to pull her head back so she was looking at me, her back arched all the way. I was leaning over her, my lips pressing down against hers, my tongue slipped inside of her mouth, feeling the smooth ridges of it as I made a mental note to make use of that pretty hole the next time I played with her. 

Wanting to go even deeper, I grabbed her under her armpits and lifted her up so she was literally hanging from my cock as I continued to thrust into her ass. I walked her over to my little den where I kept all my little love ladies. Making sure that they could all see Rosalyn in her curly-haired glory, I took a seat on the small couch and began lifting her up and down on top of me, slamming her unto me each time. 

rosalyn curly sex doll

Leaning back, I began fondling with her perky little nipples as I thrust up to meet her, already feeling my balls tightening as they got ready to blow. Scanning the room, I made eye contact with Darlene, giving her a little wink as I grunted, pulling Rosalyn all the way down on top of me as I spurted inside of her, filling that tiny little asshole of hers. My friend was right, she really was one of a kind. 

I got up with her and walked over to the bathroom where I lifted her off of me, watching as my cum oozed out of her ever so slowly. Letting her sit in the tub, I began to fill it with water before picking up my phone and sending my friend a text to thank her for leading me to Rosalyn as I stood looking down at her. She was looking up at me with almost a daring look on it, making my cock twitch in excitement. Leaning over her, I grabbed her by the hair and pulled her close, pushing my cock right down into her mouth for another great fucking. 


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