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The teen look—youthful and fresh—is one of the most popular tropes in adult entertainment. Admittedly, watching an erotic film or scrolling through titillating photos can be limiting.

At the same time, pursuing a teen girlfriend can be unethical—and illegal in some states. Even if you’re in your early twenties, it isn’t always easy to navigate the dating field.

Gabriela – my top pick for the best teen sex doll. You can indulge yourself in your fantasy whenever you like with this girlishly striking model.

Aside from her name, Gabriela doesn’t have a back-story or persona like some other models. It’s up to you to personalize this sexy doll’s character however you please.

Why Should You Buy Gabriela?

Gabriela’s default look is lean, blonde, and bronzed. In her photos, her schoolgirl look is emphasized with a plaid skirt, tie, and glasses.

Starting at $1,999, this teen sex doll is expensive without being extravagantly overpriced. These are her other outstanding features:

Quality Build and Realism for the Price

If you’ve browsed the sex doll market, you know how pricey specific models can be. The more lifelike the build, the faster the cost seems to skyrocket.

This isn’t the case for slender Gabriela. For the price, you’ll receive a teen sex doll with a realistic height (5 feet 5 inches) and weight (73 pounds). Her feet are a small, proportionate size 37.


Gabriela’s facial features are seductively realistic. Her figure has a depth to it: you can see the hint of a ribcage, a belly button that looks real, a sensual pubic mound.

Customize Almost Any Feature With Interesting Extras

This teen sex doll’s blonde California girl look may not be the ideal teen vision for all users. You can alter her height, hair color, and eye color.

If you have the budget for it, you can explore the extra features you can buy for your sex doll. These are mostly to increase Gabriela’s realism—like adding a tongue to her mouth.

Free Extra Head to Spice Up Your Sessions

In many cases, modifying your sex doll doesn’t come to an end after the purchase. You can buy extras like wigs, eyes, or whole faces to refresh your old model.

YourDoll, the manufacturer, offers you a free head when you buy her. That’s a generous extra that can benefit any user.

It’s almost like having two teen sex dolls for the price of one. Users who love to come up with characters will particularly enjoy switching between the two heads. For example, you can consider them as sisters who you have conquered at the night club. 

What Can You Customize Before You Buy Gabriela?

YourDoll allows you to tailor all the major facets of your teen sex doll. As I’ve touched on above, there are also a couple of extras worth mentioning for sale:

What Comes in the Box with Gabriela?

You’ll receive Gabriela herself and the extra head you chose. There are no other freebies—although some would say a new head is enough.

How Does Gabriela Feel and Handle During Sex?

This is the most crucial aspect of any sex doll. Does she feel as good as she looks? In Gabriela’s case, the answer is a resounding yes:

Weight, Height, and Measurements

  • Height/Weight: 5 feet, 5 inches; 73 pounds (modifiable).
  • Measurements: Hips (33 inches), waist (21 inches), bust (32 inches) (modifiable if height is changed).
  • Breast Size: C-cup (modifiable if height is changed).

These are the default specifications for Gabriela. If you choose a different height, her breast size, weight, and measurements will differ.


Height and weight is a significant contributor to how realistic—or fake—sex will feel. Gabriela shares her average height of 5 feet 5 inches with the majority of women.

At 73 pounds, you’ll have to put some effort into lifting her. Her tanned limbs and torso have weight to them, as with a real woman.

Articulation and Range of Motion

Gabriela has a skeleton that enables her to be positioned and hold natural poses. Made of metal alloy, all her joints are movable.

She’s even able to grasp onto small items. Take note of this if you want to replicate the schoolgirl-with-book photo on the site.

Prop this teen sex doll up on her elbows and knees to penetrate her from behind. Spread her legs wide on the bed or hoist them over your shoulders.

She’ll be able to hold any position that a real woman can manage without causing pain. Don’t expect her to be unrealistically or unnaturally flexible.

For $70, you can add standing feet. Users who favor standing positions during sex will want to invest in that extra.

Skin and Responsiveness to Movement

Gabriela’s flesh is made with thermoplastic elastomer (TPE). It’s just as safe and non-toxic as silicone and has a supple feel to it.

This teen sex doll has upright, rounded breasts that look too good to be true. 

Nonetheless, they’ll behave similarly to real flesh. Slip a pushup bra on her if you like ample cleavage, or fondle and play with them naked.

On the slender side, Gabriela has a pert, tight ass. There’s enough cushioning to feel real when you grab it.

Tightness and Texture of Orifices

All of Gabriela’s orifices are functional for your enjoyment. If you’re eager to learn what plunging into this teen sex doll will be like, get ready:

How Real Does She Feel?

Each of Gabriela’s holes takes advantage of the stretchy pliability of TPE. They’re youthfully tight—both vagina and anus have a diameter of 0.6 inches.

The orifices down-below are 6.7 inches deep for you to thrust balls-deep into her. The internally textured mouth has a shorter depth of 5.9 inches—a realistic touch.

If you want a boost for your blowjobs, you can buy a tongue for this teen sex doll. If not, the stimulation the built-in mouth texture offers is more than adequate to get you off.

Can You Buy Different Outfits for Gabriela?

YourDoll doesn’t sell any outfits for you to dress up your teen sex doll. You’ll have to shop elsewhere for bras, panties, and schoolgirl garb for Gabriela.

Size 37 feet means that you can also buy her footwear, like stiletto heels—or more innocent flats.

Which Lubricant Should You Use?

Gabriela isn’t silicone, but it’s still advisable to use a water-based lubricant. The formulas tend to be gentler than oil-based and silicone-based types.

It’s also less mess for you to clean up your teen sex doll when you’re finished with her. Water-based lubes don’t usually stain.

Testimonials for Gabriela

This cute teen sex doll doesn’t have any testimonials from owners yet. However, you can read through reviews of other sex dolls made by YourDoll here:

Pros and Cons

Gabriela’s spry, teen appearance isn’t all that makes her an inviting investment. These are her pros—and one con:


  • Metal alloy skeleton allows her to be posed naturally.
  • All three orifices are tight and usable.
  • Realistic build for the price.


  • Breast size can’t be customized independently from height.

Where Can You Buy Gabriela?

Teen sex doll Gabriela is available for purchase on YourDoll.

What Are Your Payment Options?

YourDoll enables you to pay Gabriela off in installments with a minimal down payment. Send them $200, and then however much you can afford after that.

There are no other obligations for setting up a payment schedule. Once your $200 is cleared, you pay at your leisure. There are no additional charges or interest.

If you want your teen sex doll soon, you’ll want to pay her off quickly. Your model won’t start to be produced until the bill is paid.

Purchase Details and Customer Experience

Waiting for your teen sex doll is the hardest part. Learn what happens during and after purchase, as well as customer support options:

How Long Does Shipping Take?

Expect your doll to be shipped within eight to 15 days of you placing the order. That applies to domestic (US) as well as international orders.

Gabriela may take longer to arrive during the holiday season. Note that YourDoll provides free shipping no matter where you are.

Is Packaging Discreet?

Your sex doll will arrive in a cardboard box labeled with the word “mannequin.” This may not be quite as subtle as you’d like, but at least the company name isn’t on there.

Return Policy

YourDoll will repair or replace Gabriela if she arrives damaged, or is defective. You’ll have to contact them within 24 hours of her arrival.

If you accidentally damage her or want a refund at a later date, YourDoll may not be as receptive.

Customer Service 

You can get in touch with YourDoll by email, phone, or on live chat through the website. 

They seem to be customer-service oriented with lots of positive reviews on various models.

How Does Gabriela Compare to Other Sex Dolls?

Gabriela isn’t the sole teen sex doll for selective buyers. Check out how Auburn and Sasha compare:

Auburn (Silicon Wives)

  • Small-bodied without feeling artificially light.
  • Flesh that jiggles and bounces in all the right places.
  • Can hold positions (fully articulated skeleton).


Sasha (Silicon Wives)

  • Voluptuous body shape.
  • Deep orifices for rough penetration and larger men.
  • Multiple height choices are available.


You could also visit our Ultimate Sex Doll Guide here to browse our TOP PICKS among other categories.

Final Verdict and Recommendation

Gabriela is a teen sex doll with broad appeal. She’s good value for the money: lifelike dimensions and a realistic appearance.

You don’t necessarily have to be a fan of the teen look to appreciate this model. Her build and default look is attractive for any man looking for a quality sex doll.

YourDoll’s customization options give you various ways to personalize her to your desires. The complimentary extra head is a lavish gift: more than just lube or a cleaning kit.

I’d recommend Gabriela to any user who wants a realistic teen sex doll on a lower budget. Teen fetishists won’t be able to find much better than her on the market.

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