Best Sex Doll Torso | Hot and Corny Amy Review

half torso sex doll

Torso sex dolls—also known as half sex dolls—are popular alternatives to full-bodied models. Not only are they usually less pricey, but they’re also less hassle to have sex with.

This best torso sex doll review covers all that you need to know about the model. These delectable hindquarters may not offer much of an emotional connection, but they’re certain to satisfy you sexually.

Those of you who have researched sex dolls have likely come across the name Sexy Real Sex Dolls (SRSD) before.

Sexy Real Sex Dolls is renowned in the industry. They produce exceptionally lifelike sex dolls—at rather reasonable costs.

Unlike some whole-bodied models, there’s no back story here. Close your eyes, grab on to her, and let your imagination fill in the rest.

To be hones, since there was no backstory, I started calling mine Amy. I sort of have a countryside girl fantasy going on with her. I’d like to imagine that she’s from Kentucky, not very bright, but always willing to spread her legs to let me and my bad boy in as rough as we like. 

Why Should You Consider adding Best  Sex Doll Torso to your collection?

This half torso sex doll costs circa $1,200. Unless you shell out on extras like additional vagina inserts or lube, the price will remain fixed.

In my opinion, Amy stands out among others on the market in the same category and this is why I decided to share my experience with her. Hope this will help you to decide whether you’d like to use her for your wildest dreams or not 🙂 

sex doll torso

These are the reasons why you may want to consider buying her:

Ultra-Realistic and Versatile Build

It isn’t easy to achieve realism with a disembodied body part. SRSD succeeds admirably: this half torso sex doll is incredibly realistic.

The form, skin tone, and responsiveness to movement are all lifelike. This Best Sex Doll torso has proportionate measurements, meaning she won’t feel unnaturally small or large when handled. Her weight is an impressive 46.3 pounds.

Amy has a rounded, plump ass that cuts off at the upper thighs. I really love to spank her butt cheeks while slipping in her anus and pussy one at the time. I’ve even consider to buy a dildo, so I could give her double penetration experience. I like to think that real life Amy will get her juices flowing when I introduce this idea to her. 

Lifelike details are what take sessions with your half torso sex doll to new heights. They encourage the illusion of realness. Imagine how her soaking wet pussy would feel around your dick? Man, she can take you to heaven in a blink of an eye. 

You have a clear sightline to the enticingly genuine vaginal and anal orifices. The flat bottom thighs allow you to place her on a flat surface for hands-off sex. Place her on the height of your hips and start taking her from the back whenever and wherever you want. 

You could also hold onto her firm hips or wrap your fingers around her waist when you want to really feel in control. Alternatively, you could grab her boobs from behind while thrusting deep into her. Believe me, she doesn’t mind! Or even if she’s against it at the beginning, she’ll begin to like it once you have loosen her up. 

best half body sex doll on the bed

Multiple Vagina Inserts Available

There’s little to customize with the best half torso sex doll—or so you may think. Sexy Real Sex Dolls offers 3 vagina inserts to pick from.

Since you have to be aroused before you plunge your dick in her, visual stimulation plays a big role. Each insert has distinct labia to suit almost any preference.

You can push your cock into brown or pink pussy – it’s up to you to choose vagina lips that get you going. 

An Affordable SRSD Product

There’s little to criticize SRSD about when it comes to their sex dolls. Every aspect of each doll is rendered true-to-life and made with top quality materials.

The reasonable price tags make SRSD accessible for most users. However, you’re obliged to pay for your customized dream girl upfront in full, the expense can’t be avoided.

Amy, having the best sex doll torso, isn’t the cheapest, but she’s made the same way as the full-bodied models. The inserts are identical to those used inside the sex dolls. So you kind of pay what you get for. 

At the same time, the Half Torso won’t destroy your budget. You can consider her a stimulating substitute until you save up for a real size doll.

What Can You Customize Before You Buy SRSD Half Torso Sex Doll?

As mentioned, you can choose between 3 vagina inserts for your Amy. The good thing is that you’re not limited to only one.

Feel free to buy as many as you want. Have a brown pussy lips for the evening and pink ones for the morning session. This way it feels like you bang two different girls that share the same body. It’s pretty f*cked up, but remember you own her so you could have whatever fantasies about her you like. No one can judge nor criticize you!

What Comes in the Box With This Half Body Sex Doll Torso?

You’ll receive your her and any extra inserts or items from SRSD you ordered. If you purchase the Sex Doll Torso by itself, that’s all you get. simple as that. 

How Does Amy Feel and Handle During Sex?

Amy is temptingly inviting to look at. You can’t help but wonder what the Best Sex Doll Torso will be like to penetrate… by YOU. Read on and I’ll share more colorful details how she really feels during sex. 

Weight and Measurements

  • Weight: 46.3 pounds.
  • Height: 2’9 feet
  • Bust: 33’8 inch
  • Waist: 21 inch
  • Hips: 40’7 inch

Weight is something that is crucial for sex dolls of any type. Too light, and you’ll feel like you’re thrusting into the orifice of a toy, which you really don’t want if you are after a sensational deal. 

best half torso sex doll picture from left side

Amy weighs 46.3 pounds. As a comparison, mini sex dolls weigh pretty much the same. 

Taking into account her measurements, you have a model that will offer some resistance. When you pick her up from the waist or hips, you’ll need two hands to do it.

Helping her ride your cock while you’re lying back or sitting down will require some effort. You can push and pull the weight against you, like with a real partner. Remember, Amy likes the way you like it!

Doggy style on a flat surface will be similarly exhilarating. You can pump into her vagina or ass hard while grasping her tightly. Don’t worry, she won’t break, she is used to rough action 🙂

Skin and Responsiveness to Movement

The entirety of this half torso sex doll is made with TPE. The skin of her face, arms, boobs, waist, ass, and thighs are alluringly supple to touch.

Her flesh is also manufactured to be devoid of flavor and smell. The scent (or taste) of manmade plastic won’t interfere with your erotic sessions.

This model has movement in all the right places. Her waist, boobs and thighs are firm when caressed—the taut flesh of a lean, slender woman.

Her ass is tight to look at, but squeezable and responsive to play with. Gel inserts mean her buttocks will clap delightfully against you when you penetrate her from behind or front.

Her face is sensational and her mouth is ready to swallow your dick without hesitation. 

You could grab her hands to support your deep throat action or hold them while banging her in other positions. 

half body sex doll picture from behind

Tightness and Texture of Orifices

This sex doll torso is fully functional. You’ll want to stretch out all three holes often when you learn how they react to penetration and what kind of magic they can do with your hard dick.  

How Real Does She Feel?

Remember, the vagina inserts are identical to those found on whole-bodied SRSD. Hopefully, the thrill of that knowledge will bring a little more spice to sex with this sex doll torso.

Whether you examine them up close or at a distance, they look real. The lips will stretch and respond to touch (or penetration) like genuine flesh. 

Once you slip past the lips of your chosen insert, you’ll feel the canal stretch around you. The interior is constructed to form a secure vacuum around your penis when penetrated.

The delicious grasping sensation may take time to get used to—your first time might end explosively fast. When you slide in and out of the vagina, the suction inside the canal will feel like contractions.

The anus is built with the same invigoratingly orgasmic effect. No matter which hole you pick to ravage, you can indulge in the authentic sensations of sex.

Her mouth is no different either – offering real feel blowjob sensations all the way. I like to use her mouth once in a while after I wake up. It’s like morning BJ session but without the hassle to talk your GF into it. 

Which Lubricant Should You Use?

Lube your best sex doll torso up with water-based brands only. Any other type of lubricant (e.g., silicone-based) can degrade TPE skin.

Testimonials for Amy

Are you eager to hear what owners of this half torso sex doll have said about her? Read this testimonial.

Pros and Cons

The best sex doll torso has more positive features than negative ones. She does have one below-par aspect about her, which I’ll disclose here:


  • 3 vagina inserts available,
  • Lifelike weight, measurements, and skin.
  • Realistically responsive orifices.


  • 1199$ is pretty decent amount of money for a half body sex doll.

half body sex doll vagina and ass

Where Can You Buy This Half Body Sex Doll?

The half torso sex doll is sold by Sexy Real Sex Dolls. Check her out here.

What Are Your Payment Options?

If you aren’t able to buy Amy outright, SRSD accepts several payment plans. These include:


The United States residents can apply to Klarna financing. If you can manage installments over a period of 12 months, you won’t have to pay any interest.

The maximum plan offered by Klarna is 24 months. Most users should be able to manage within this period, as this will bring your monthly payment to around 50$. 

Use PayPal Credit

SRSD allows customers to pay through PayPal upfront or through financing option. PayPal Credit is a great alternative to Klarna if you’re eligible for it.

Choosing To Pay in Installments

Buyers abroad or those denied by Klarna and Paypal Credit can negotiate with SRSD directly. You’ll be obliged to put down $200 first.

Then, you can pay as little or as often as you like in whichever amount you choose. It’s good to know that SRSD won’t charge interest, BUT they won’t begin working on your sex doll torso until you’ve paid off the total price. 

Purchase Details and Customer Experience

In my experience, dealing with a prestigious brand like SRSD takes some of the pressure away when buying a sex toy. 

Find out more about customer service policies and other logistical details of ordering the best sex doll torso here:

How Long Does Shipping Take?

Once Amy is built according to your specifications, she’s shipped immediately. On average, Sexy Real Sex Dolls states it takes roughly 7 days for their sex dolls to reach your doorstep.

Holidays may lead to Amy’s journey being delayed or prolonged. There is no charge for shipping, regardless of where you live.

Is Packaging Discreet?

You have two choices for packaging. You can order a storage box when you’re customizing your sex doll, and she’ll be shipped within it.

The storage boxes are tame—nothing glittery or sex-themed. It resembles an oversized trunk or piece of luggage.

The alternative is a box that will be unmarked and unlabelled, except for the word “mannequin.”

Return Policy

If your half body sex doll is damaged during shipping, you can contact customer service for help. The same goes for a sex doll that arrives defective.

You should be fully certain of your purchase before you make an order. Sexy Real Sex Dolls has a policy that all sales are final, with the aforementioned exceptions.

Under exceptional circumstances, a return could be accepted. The website doesn’t state what those could possibly be, though.

Customer Service

SRSD is available for customers browsing the website by email and phone. Staff were also quick to reply to comments and questions on various products.

Nearly every testimonial has a friendly response from SRSD below it. You can expect pleasant and professional interactions from start to finish.

They’re available for assistance if you need any while building your favorite sex doll torso. You’ll also receive photos of the final product before she’s shipped to you. 

How Does the Best Sex Doll Torso Compare to Others?

Let’s face it, Amy might not be right for you. These are two other sex doll torsos / legs for you to consider:

Luxury Silicone Ass and Vagina

  • Hefty, credible weight of 48 pounds.
  • Similar build to the SRSD model at a lower price.
  • Silicone flesh.

sex doll bottom half

Silicone Half Sex Doll With Legs, Ass, and Feet

  • Legs are fully articulated (can be bent and posed).
  • Realistic weight.
  • Waist included for easy manipulation during sex.

sex doll legs

You could also visit our Ultimate Sex Doll Guide here to browse our TOP PICKS among other categories.

Final Verdict and Recommendation

My final verdict is that this is the best half torso sex doll on the market. Amy is worth every penny you invest in her.

The orifices are authentic internally and externally. Gel inserts make her ass jiggle and bounce like the real thing.

The realistic sensations and textures will please you for years to come. The way this half torso sex doll is built, you have plenty of positions to experiment with. Let your imagination fly together with jiss that will be sucked out of your cock every time you bang her. 

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