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Natasha showing her vagina

From an adult products report, sex dolls buck the trend during the past months. More people have fun and embrace solace and companionship in sex dolls. In which the mixed race sex lady doll named Natasha has set a record and has become the most popular one.

I have acquired my own Natasha and I have a lot to say about this sexy and hot sex doll.

Why I love the Natasha Sex Doll?

Amazing and healthy tan skin: Before I purchased Natasha, I was drawn to her tanned skin. I was determined to get her for myself. Tan adds to a woman’s beauty. It makes them look exotic, sophisticated and alluring. It is no wonder that a lot of women love to work on their tans whenever they visit beaches.

I don’t know about you but I personally have a soft spot for ladies whose skin are tanned, you know. The one thing that comes to my mind is licking the skin. I love that a lot.

Natasha is a mixed race girl, who inherited the Russian fortitude and the American openness, it is just the peculiarity that many males especially someone like me, like to conquer. The mixed blood is also one of the attributes that makes her look unique and outstandingly beautiful.

best mixed race sex doll natasha in the snow

The C-Cup is the perfect breast for many people, in fact not all men like big ones. Personally, I love this type of breast. I see small breasts like this as beautiful and even treat it as an art. As an alpha male, which I consider myself to be, I love it when the breasts of my women fit into their big hands.

Natasha possesses the C-Cup breast and that is one of the reasons why I fell in love with her at first glance. When I took her home and ‘made her whole’, I could not wait to get my hands on those breasts of hers. Perfect proportion make her looks more realistic:

Once you look at her, you would think she is a real human lady from the way she poses and perfect form of her beautiful body.

Her body is like that of an extraordinarily beautiful model. I have always wanted to date a model myself, but I never got a chance until I found Natasha. Everyone identifies with beauty and that is one of the reasons why Natasha is getting do much attention and popularity.

The same size of real lady: Natasha the sex doll has the same size of a real human lady at 165cm in height, an equivalent of 5’5. She is even taller than my human ex- girlfriend. Natasha’s size makes her look real and easier to identify with. Her size will make one forget that she is a sex doll.

When ordering, you can also custom the doll according to your tastes and preferences in these terms:

What is the sex feeling and experience with Natasha?

Natasha’s size:

  • Height: 5′5″ (166 cm)
  • Weight: 72.6 lbs (33 kg) Bust: 32.0 inch (81 cm) Waist: 20.9 inch (53 cm)
  • Hips: 33.0 inch (84 cm)

Natasha has a similar height and a slim figure with real people, so you will definitely have the same feeling you would have with real people or ever better.

The flexible joints make almost all positions possible.

Flexible joints are built in Natasha body. As a result of this, Natasha can be in a set in any position, especially the kinds of positions that even humans cannot fathom or be able to make themselves do.

natasha laying on the carpet

There are so many sexual positions that elicit maximum pleasure. Some of these positions require a very flexible body. With Natasha, that is made easy as a result of the flexible joints made in her body. I consider sex as an art and I have done a lot of research about it.

There are lots of sexual positions apart from the doggy-style or missionary that can make one achieve pleasure very quickly. These sexual positions require someone who is very flexible.

My ex-girlfriend was not flexible and could not satisfy my needs and fantasies.

I got Natasha and guess what? I have been able to achieve maximum pleasures through the different sexual positions. Natasha was also made of medical grade TPE material. This means that the body and skin is similar to that of real people; it gives a quick feedback after press.

This also guarantees a wonderful feeling, the same feeling and experience as being with a real
human being. I definitely felt this too. Having sex with my Natasha is simply amazing.

Her body is so superb that I always felt like I was relating with a human being. Imagine the kind of
feeling you get when you bang someone and say things like, ‘yes baby’ and when you are done, you then remember that she is a doll.

Touching her breasts have the same feel as touching a live human breasts as they can get compressed and fondled, easily responding to your touch. The material used in making Natasha also has an effect when you fondle her ass- the same effect a real woman’s ass has.

natasha kneeling

The same TPE material makes you enjoy the same feeling once inside her and it is capable of bringing you orgasm.

How to Use the Natasha Sex Doll?


Inspect every details to make sure every part is in good condition when unboxing. Because a typical doll is a special product, most of companies don’t accept return when it is used.

The doll is a very expensive and a high end product, it would be a loss if the parts that make up the whole is destroyed or damaged. In fact, damage is possible, as most of the sex dolls are manufactured in China factories. It will take some days for new parts to be flown to your location. If you find any problem, you can chat with the service department, I find there is a chat tool on their website, it is very convenient to talk with them.

Dressing Up Natasha

Perhaps you could prepare some sexy clothes for her before she arrives. You can prepare any kind of clothes that you prefer to see on her. Start by warming the doll up, especially if your doll comes in the winter. The low temperature could make the doll loose and this breaks the illusion.

Position To Bang Her

As a matter of fact, you can make the Natasha doll be in different lovemaking positions according to your preferences since you will be the active doer; after all, it is easy to understand that the doll can’t move. So, all you have to do is set up the doll in your preferred position and have fun with her.

How To Clean Her

A water-based lubricant will make the doll last longer to please you. Oil-based and silicone-based lubricants aren’t only messy, but can be harmful with frequent use so it is advisable to stay clear of those if you want the doll to last very long.

Don’t buy the clothes which lose colors easily; it is hard to remove the color from the doll if the clothes’ color pollute the doll. Purchase clothes whose colors last even with much washing and drying.

Where To Get Natasha

This sex doll can be bought through the Sodolls shop online. The online shop has been set up to supply the many famous sex doll brands.

How Long Is The Shipping Time?

It will take 4-6 days to process the doll. The shipping time will take 8-15 days.

Return Policy

You can contact their service department for help if the doll is damaged during shipping. They can be reach via the chat tool or email.

They are always available to respond to any of your concerns or enquiries.

Customer Service

The service department will send some pictures to you when the doll is ready, the doll will be shipped only after your confirmation. This method is very good to make sure you will receive the doll you love.

You can reach them by chat tool on the website and also email. It is more convenient to talk with them by the chat tool so that your questions and concerns will be solved instantly. They are dedicated to giving customers the very best experience.

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