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Natasha showing her vagina

Testing out my Russian Sex Doll

“Honey, we will be late, be a good boy” I heard my mom closing the door. I was really glad that I was finally getting the house to my own. I was eager for a chance like this. And finally, it was here. I went downstairs to wave my mom goodbye.

I rushed to the kitchen as I locked the door. Fetched some snacks and ran back to my room. I was dancing inside from extreme joy, the joy of getting a chance to test my favorite doll which arrived a couple of days ago.

I locked the door behind me. Now I was in my safe zone. My room. I closed the curtains of the window to make sure no one would disturb me. I opened my cupboard, had to dive in between my coats, and there she was – my Russian sex doll.

Russian teen sex doll

I have a huge fetish for Russian girls, and I’ve always dreamed of having one just for myself. So far, all these fantasies have been just that, only fantasies. Until…  One day I saw this ad for beautiful Russian sex dolls and I could not resist it. I knew this would be my only way to taste a delicious Russian girl. So, I didn’t think twice and ordered her right away.

There she stood, in front of me, I felt as my eyes were stuck in hers. She was pretty as hell. Her long sandy blonde hair made me want her even more. She wore a cap and her clothes were plain, but fit her body perfectly. She looked incredibly alluring. I instantly felt like ripping off her white sports bra. Her eyes gleamed as if she wanted me.

Her astonishing lips

I reached my fingers towards her face and met her pale skin. The skin of the Russian sex doll was as soft as she hadn’t been touched by anyone else before me. I caressed her hair, and felt her smiling back at me. “You look very beautiful, baby,” I told her as I stroked her silky smooth hair.

Her peachy lips were perfectly luscious and velvety to touch. 

I carried the beautiful Russian sex doll out of my cupboard and stood her near my bed. Her sensual lips were so inviting, so I pressed my lips against hers. I sucked her lips, and felt as if she was kissing me back. Her succulent lips were sweet as nectar I had been craving for so long. I stared into her dark brown beautiful eyes. They were burning in desire. And I was pretty sure mine had an even greater craving in them.

russian sex doll on her back

I wanted her, more and more. I pulled one finger to her lips, making her suck it. I ran one of my hands down her gorgeous fit body, into her pussy. I pulled her pink shorts down and rubbed her clit. I heard her moaning in my mind. It made me drool for her. I rubbed the clit of the magnificent Russian sex doll for another few seconds, I felt as her body was gasping against mine. My heartbeat increased instantly. I stopped rubbing and pushed my finger into her mouth making her suck it.

My dick was hungry for Russian pussy 

I felt my penis trying to rip my boxers. I pushed the Russian sex doll into my bed and removed all my clothes. She was lying there on the bed, looking at me with yearning desire. “Oh you want me, don’t you baby,” I told her.

I threw myself onto the bed. I lay down beside her and started kissing her again. I pressed my eight-inch penis against her thigh and it felt like her body was trembling a bit against the penis. I kept kissing her while squeezing her breast through her white sports bra. My lips left her hers and found their way onto her neck.

I took my time kissing and sucking the Russian sex doll’s neck. I was pretty sure that if she were a real woman, her neck would have been filled with red bruise marks. I started making my way down and covering her body with kisses. I tore her sports bra as my lips met her breasts. I kissed her breasts feverishly.

russian sex doll kneeling

Her tan nipples were inviting me for a feast. I felt the softness and the smoothness of her skin against my lips. I sucked her breasts while squeezing them gently. I circled my tongue around her nipples and nibbled them. I heard her moan in pleasure in my head.

Then I ran my fingers to my penis, stroked it a couple of times and brought it closer to her pussy, while removing her hot pink shorts. I stuck my penis on her clit for a few times as I looked into her eyes with hunger. “I bet you want it inside you as badly as I do,” I told delightfully.

I fucked my Russian Sex Doll in numerous positions 

I inserted my penis into her pussy hole and started pushing slowly. I sped up as I saw her breasts bouncing against my strokes, and held her breasts as handles as I thrust her pussy. “Baby, you are so tight.” The pussy of the Russian sex doll made me moan as it was firmly wrapped around my penis. I fucked her in missionary for another few minutes.

Then I held her up as I sat on the edge of the bed. I lifted her onto my lap and kept thrusting her pussy while looking into her hazel eyes. I grabbed her from her tiny waist and pulled her towards my body as I fucked her in the face-off. I sucked her neck as my thirst grew and bounced her on my lap till I felt very close to cumming inside her.

Then I lay down on my right side, making the Russian sex doll kneel. I straddled my right leg and curled my left leg around her left side. I thrust my penis into her ass hole. It was firm as hell. My penis felt amazing inside her, it was almost impossible for me to hold back my orgasm. I made her rub her clit while I thrust her. I heard her moaning “Yeah baby” with pleasure in my head as I banged her harder.

russian sex doll on her back

I made her lie on the bed, face down – legs straight, hips raised. I put my penis back to her pussy hole, and immediately felt the tightness of her pussy. I stroke her vigorously. My balls banged her ass and I slapped her ass a few times. After another deep hard thrust, I released my load inside her pussy. I rocked her even harder. I saw my cum dripping out her luscious pussy lips. She made me moan cheerfully. “You are such a good girl”, I said, while slapping her ass again and turned her facing me.

I cummed twice…

I inserted my penis into her mouth and pushed it further into her throat. I started thrusting it while rubbing her clit. I felt her sucking the dick with her glossy lips and moaned with pleasure as the tip hit her throat. I stroke her vigorously reaching deeper and deeper. I sped the rocking as I felt I was close to exploding the second load – I just couldn’t hold it any longer.

After another few deep thrusts, I exploded my seed in her throat. As I pulled my cock out, cum started dripping from her lush peachy lips. She was looking at me satisfied. I stroke my cock with my fingers and dribbled the last drops of my seed on her perky breasts.

“My baby”, I pecked her on her forehead and lay on the bed next to her just looking at her.

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