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Shina the best mini sex doll sitting with her breasts naked

Mini sex dolls are typically regarded as affordable alternatives to full-sized models. Although this is true, they can benefit more than just your budget.

These varieties are ideal starter dolls for users looking to test out ownership. Storage is usually effortless, and sex won’t require as much physical effort.

Mini sex dolls may be small-bodied, but there’s no rule that declares everything else has to be tiny.

These dolls can be built with large assets and deep orifices.

You don’t have to sacrifice on realism when you downsize either. In this best mini sex doll review, I’ll reveal why Shina is my first-class pick in this category.

The only note that seller OV Doll makes about Shina’s character is that she’s very shy. The rest of her personality traits are left for you to discover on your own.

Why Should You Buy Shina?

Shina’s starting price is a low $1,039. That’s all you’ll pay for her as she is unless you choose to add to or customize any of her features.

The cost of this mini sex doll isn’t the only advantage she has. Here’s an overview of what you can anticipate enjoying if you choose Shina:

Quality Design and Realism

Shina has all the appealing facets of a high-quality, full-sized sex doll—in miniature. In her photos, you wouldn’t realize at first glance that Shina is only 4 feet, 1 inch.


She has a slender figure with long limbs, a narrow waist, and prominent breasts. Details like her delicate collar bones and the slope of her breasts make her erotically lifelike.

Genitalia on a sex doll should be visually as well as physically stimulating. Shina checks this requirement for the best sex mini-doll too: her vagina looks genuine.

Keeping proportions realistic with a shorter height isn’t always easy to achieve. This mini sex doll may be busty and long-legged, but she doesn’t appear cartoonish or artificial.

She makes up in weight for what she lacks in height. Shina is 44 pounds, so you won’t feel like you’re manipulating an inflatable model during sex.

The face of this model is also designed with an appealingly natural, thoughtful-looking face. Her expressive gaze can be seductive or timid, depending on how you interpret it (and pose her).

Customizability Isn’t Limited

Sex dolls are supposed to be a physical manifestation of your passions and desires. You’re allowed to be selective when it comes to your mini sex doll’s traits.

We all have our cherished kinks, fetishes, and preferences. Something as simple as your favorite eye color or style of pubic hair can bring sex to a whole new level.

OV Doll gives you control over most aspects of Shina. You can add your own personal flair to the default model, or alter her until she’s unrecognizable.

Generous Free Gifts

First-time sex doll buyers might be surprised at the maintenance that comes with ownership. Mini sex dolls are no different from full-sized models in this respect.

Orifices have to be washed after each session. Wigs must be brushed and kept tangle-free to keep your mini sex doll looking presentable.


OV Doll goes a long way towards setting you up for long-term care. You get multiple free accessories for care, and a few for pleasure—like a heating rod.

What Can You Customize Before You Buy Shina?

Shina’s default look is white skin, platinum blonde hair, and soft brown eyes. You can change this if you have another fantasy in mind.

You can even alter her height if you want this mini sex doll to be shorter. That’ll also take almost $200 off her final cost:

What Comes in the Box With Shina?

You’ll have a lot more than Shina herself to unpack from the box. Included in the purchase are the following accessories:

  • Wheeled flight case (four wheels).
  • Vagina cleaner.
  • One pair of underwear.
  • Random outfit.
  • Wig.
  • Heating rod (to warm her orifices up with).
  • Lubricant.
  • Blanket.
  • Gloves.
  • Nail glue.
  • Doll’s glue.
  • Talcum powder.
  • Anti-static comb.
  • Lipstick.
  • Condoms.
  • Anti-discoloration cream.

How Does Shina Feel and Handle During Sex?

This mini sex doll is anything but diminutive when you get her in bed. Whether you’re eager for vigorous sex or slow, gentle sessions, Shina is up to the job:

Weight, Height, and Measurements

  • Height/Weight: 4 feet, 1 inch; 44 pounds (modifiable).
  • Measurements: N/A.
  • Breast Size: N/A. Customizable from A to E.

Shina is heavy for a mini sex doll, a feature that works in her favor.

She weighs 44 pounds at her default height—less if you customize her to be shorter.

It may be somewhat disconcerting to have sex with a shorter sex doll at first. You don’t want to get the impression that you’re manipulating a toy underneath you.

Weight can significantly contribute to the perception of realism. Shina doesn’t require Herculean strength to lift up and position, but she isn’t a featherweight.

You’ll feel some resistance from her limbs and torso when you thrust into her. However, she isn’t so hefty to the point positions where she’s on top are unfeasible.

Most users should be able to hold her in place from below, or while sitting up. As long as you’re in decent shape, you won’t feel exhausted supporting her for short periods.

This mini sex doll’s pendulous breasts are generous without being overlarge. She is built to be slim, but she has entrancingly woman-like curves to feel up.


Articulation and Range of Motion

Remember how I said Shina is up for energetic coitus? She’s built with a durable titanium skeleton that has a full range of motion.

By that, I mean that this mini sex doll can be positioned in any way a living person can. That includes standing up unsupported if you decide to add standing feet as an extra.

This skeleton is firmly attached to her internal flesh for carefree rough play. You won’t have to be concerned about ripping or breaking anything if you manhandle petite Shina.

Shina’s movable joints aren’t overly flexible—she’ll hold the poses you set her in without slipping out. Her fingers are bendable for gesturing or gripping—do with that what you will.

Skin and Responsiveness to Movement

This mini sex doll is made of silicone-TPE from head to toe. Shina’s flesh has a youthfully firm and soft texture to it.

Every time you crush her against you or feel her thighs around you, you’ll feel something more like human rather than plastic skin.

She isn’t made with any filler that can be distorted with time or feel odd to the touch. This is most apparent in her breasts, which have a yielding, lifelike elasticity to them when squeezed.

They may look stiffly upright in photos, but her breasts are capable of bouncing. Try it out and enjoy both the process and the results by thrusting into this mini sex doll hard.


Tightness and Texture of Orifices

You have three holes to penetrate on this sex mini sex doll. The realism of her vagina and anus should satisfy even the most discerning users:

How Real Does She Feel?

Shina’s bound to get you off by way of anal sex or a blowjob. Nevertheless, it’s her vagina that’s the star orifice here.

OV Doll states that Shina’s vagina was designed by a wax statue carver with more than 40 years of experience. It may sound ridiculous to read, but it should be delightful to experience.

Every aspect of this mini sex doll’s vagina is crafted with anatomical legitimacy. Your penis will slip through a canal that will offer realistic sensations—including a G-spot ridge.

Shina even has what’s described as a “uterine tail,” which is presumably a cervix. As a heating rod is one of the freebies you get, you can warm her vagina up to welcome you.

Getting it hot and wet with lubricant will provide you with the complete package of sensations. It’ll almost be like sliding into the real thing.

Can You Buy Different Outfits for Shina?

This mini sex doll has one random outfit included with purchase. If it turns out you don’t like OV Doll’s choice, you can always buy her more.

Shina’s smaller dimensions may pose a problem for lingerie shopping. As her measurements aren’t clear on the site, you can request them in advance.

Of course, you can always wait until she arrives and measure her yourself. It’s safe to say that you won’t be looking at any items larger than a size small.

Which Lubricant Should You Use?

Use a water-based lubricant to ready this mini sex doll’s orifices for you. Other types, like oil-based, aren’t ideal for sex toys as they can wear the flesh down with time.

Testimonials for Shina

You won’t find any testimonials for Shina yet. There is one review on her page from someone interested enough to comment on her charms:

Pros and Cons

I’ve already discussed the benefits of this mini sex doll in depth. If you want a quick summary of what makes her irresistible—and how she falls short—here it is:


  • Comes with fun and useful accessories.
  • Quality design and realism.
  • Customize her to suit your fantasies.


  • Basic information like measurements and default cup size must be requested by email.

Where Can You Buy Shina?

Find this mini sex doll on OV Doll, ready for purchase if the default appearance satisfies you.

What Are Your Payment Options?

The only way you’ll have Shina is by paying full price more or less upfront. OV Doll doesn’t offer or accept payment plans.

Alternative payment is possible, but won’t give you much leeway. You pay 30 percent upfront, and then the remainder after you see photos of the final product.

Purchase Details and Customer Experience

Discover what else you can expect from OV Doll when you buy Shina. Shipping and packaging details are also included for your peace of mind:

How Long Does Shipping Take?

Shipping time will depend on your region and the carrier. Your mini sex doll will be sent through either DHL, Federal Express, or USPS.

Upon purchase, you’ll get a tracking number for Shina. You’ll be able to watch her progress and get an estimate of her date of arrival.

Is Packaging Discreet?

OV Doll assures you that the packaging is discreet. No one would guess that there’s a mini sex doll inside the package.

Return Policy

As per the sex doll industry standard, all sales are final. You won’t be able to return Shina under any circumstances.

Any defects or shipping damage needs to be reported one week after receipt. There are no guarantees if you wait to notify OV Doll beyond this period.

Customer Service

A disclaimer on the OV Doll website notes that support is available 24-7 all year round

The only way to get in touch with customer service is through an email address. This may be inconvenient if you have an urgent issue that you want to resolve.

How Does Shina Compare to Other Sex Dolls?

Are you wondering how this mini sex doll compares to other models? Here are the best features of Misa and Hailey:

One of The Best Sellers: Misa

  • Starting price is lower than Shinas’.
  • Fully articulated skeleton.
  • Lots of free extras.



  • Little taller than the average mini sex doll.
  • Deep orifices.
  • Curvy, well-built figure.


You could also visit our Best Sex Dolls Guide to browse our TOP PICKS among other categories.

Final Verdict and Recommendation

My final verdict on Shina is nothing but positive. You get excellent value for your money with this mini sex doll.

She’s built from quality materials, you can customize primary aspects of her appearance, and she has lifelike genitalia. This model should be pleasantly satisfying in all aspects, from posing to penetration.

Not to mention all of the gifts you receive for free from OV Doll. You’ll be able to warm Shina’s orifices up, lubricate them, and clean them—all without paying a dime.

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