Most Realistic Male Sex Doll | Horny Hunter Review

Male sex dolls can be enjoyed by men and women alike. Unfortunately, there’s less variety for you to choose from than with female models.

That doesn’t mean that browsing the market for one is straightforward. My best male sex doll review will save you the trouble.

Meet Hunter, a handsome airline steward searching for a partner for life. His sexuality is fluid—he’s open to playing with users of either gender.

This fresh-faced young man loves anal penetration and giving oral. He’s just as happy to let you ride on his 8-inch penis if that’s what you prefer.

Are you eager to learn more about this muscular, boyishly good-looking hunk? I’ll reveal all you need to know, including how well he’ll stimulate you in bed.

Why Should You Buy Hunter?

This open-minded male sex doll begins at $1,999. Hunter’s personality is only one interesting aspect of him—he has other enticing features to consider:

Affordable and Good Value

Male sex dolls can be costlier than female models for a couple of reasons. They’re often taller and heavier, meaning more materials go into producing them.

Hunter, the best male sex doll, sitting on the couch

Hunter is on the affordable side without sacrificing on quality. He isn’t as tall as you might like (5 feet, 3 inches) but he makes up for it in other ways.

He has an athletic figure that shows attention to detail from head to toe. There are bulging pectoral muscles to run your hands over, and six-pack abs to caress.

Hunter’s nipples are erect rather than flat, and his thighs show muscle tone. The slope of his collar bones and suggestion of veins in his hands all enhance his realistic look.

His face is similarly well-designed—I’ll tell you more about it shortly. Hunter’s eyelashes are three-dimensional rather than drawn on.

Stimulating & Removable Penis

The majority of users will find his 8-inch erection sufficiently large. His penis is heavily veined with a plump head to stretch you out.

Hunter penis

This male sex doll isn’t circumcised. His foreskin is pulled back, the folded skin another texture to relish when you insert him into yourself.

Hunter’s genitals are anatomically correct. That is to say; he has testicles attached to his penis.

His most intimate part is both pleasing and practical. You can detach it for quick cleaning or solo masturbation.

You don’t want to have to wet your entire male sex doll when you clean his penis. Other times, you may not be up to manipulating all of Hunter during sex.

If you’re not keen on depriving Hunter of his manhood, you don’t have to. It’s nice to have the option available—you never know when you might need it.

Attractive Design Customizable to Your Tastes

This male sex doll has an appealing body and stunning face. As with his body, his facial features should entice most users—they’re modelesque.

He has a clear-cut jawline that looks admirable at any angle. Hunter’s facial features are symmetrical without appearing fake—he even has a beauty mark on his upper lip.

His default look is brownish-red hair with blue eyes and white skin. However, his striking good looks will look natural in any color.

What Can You Customize Before You Buy Hunter?

All of the major facets of this male sex doll (e.g., skin tone) can be changed without extra fees. Personalize your man so that he gets you hot every time you see him:

What Comes in the Box With Hunter?

Your male sex doll will be in the box alone. There won’t be any extras in the box unless you ordered and paid for other items from Silicon Wives.

How Does Hunter Feel and Handle During Sex?

Hunter is up for sexual exploration with users of all genders. These are the in-depth details on how this male sex doll handles and feels:

Weight, Height, and Measurements

  • Height/Weight: 5 feet, 3 inches; 72 pounds.
  • Measurements: Hips (32 inches), waist (26 inches), chest (31 inches). 

Hunter may not be realistically tall, but he does have a lifelike weight. He’s 72 pounds—this male sex doll can’t be tossed around easily.

Particularly with male sex dolls, weight is important. When you position Hunter on top of you or lean back into him, he won’t feel insubstantial.

His measurements may be smaller than the average man’s, but he isn’t petite. He has a strapping, brawny build that’s unmistakably masculine.

Finally, his height has an unexpected advantage: storage won’t be a pain. The taller your male sex doll, the more space you’ll need to hide him.

Articulation and Range of Motion

Underneath this male sex doll’s muscle-bound exterior is a steel skeleton. The only stiff part about Hunter is his rock-hard erection: the rest of him is flexible.

Pose him to fulfill your deepest fantasies. As long as a human being can do it, so can Hunter.


Kneel him in front of you and push your penis past his pouty lips. Have him sit upright, knees bent, waiting for you to sit on him.

Position him on your couch, relaxing, to admire before you take control and initiate sex. Lay Hunter on his back and bend his elbows so that he shows off his pectorals.

His fingers are flexible, and can bend (take care to be gentle with them). You can have your male sex doll teasingly touch his penis, or hold onto light items like clothes.

Skin and Responsiveness to Movement

Hunter has silicone flesh that is impeccably smooth to the touch. You’ll think that you’re touching a man who takes unusually good care of his skin.

His torso is just as firm and hard as it looks. You’ll feel his chest and abdominal muscles yield slightly if pressed, but not by much—he’s made to feel as well as look fit.

His ass is muscular too, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t inviting to squeeze. His buttocks will feel irresistibly real against your groin if you choose to penetrate him.

Penis Texture and Length

This male sex doll’s penis is also silicone-built. Users who already have an established collection of sex toys know how uniquely lifelike silicone can be.

Size-wise, it’s always better to have more than you need. Hunter has an impressive length of 8 inches to experiment with.

There are various sensation-enhancing textures on it. Raised, snake-like veins and the ribbing of his rolled-back foreskin will have you riding him vigorously.

The head of his penis is distinct from the shaft. Lube it up (on your male sex doll or detached) and tease yourself with it for as long as you can stand it.

Tightness and Texture of Orifices

A big penis isn’t all this model has to offer. Hunter’s mouth is usable, as is his anus.

How Real Does He Feel?

This male sex doll’s holes are just as stimulatingly genuine as his penis. The tight silicon canals of both orifices will cling to your member like the real thing.

Hunter has generous lips that will feel soft and natural against your penis. His gorgeous face will get you hard, and his mouth will keep you that way.

His anus is 7 inches deep to fit men of all sizes. You don’t have to worry about hitting a barrier when you’re in the throes of passion, plunging into his ass.

Can You Buy Different Outfits for Hunter?

Hunter’s at his best when he’s in the nude—but he can look good dressed up too. Check out stores that sell clothing for shorter men, and set your male sex doll up with a new wardrobe.

Which Lubricant Should You Use?

As he’s made of silicone, your male sex doll should only be exposed to water-based lubes. Silicone-based formulas can deteriorate his skin with time, as can oil-based brands.

Testimonials for Hunter

None of this male sex doll’s owners have come forward to share their opinions. You can find reviews for other models sold by Silicon Wives below:

Pros and Cons

Hunter is a male sex doll with more advantages than disadvantages—but he isn’t devoid of flaws:


  • Budget-friendly and good value overall.
  • Penis is removable for solo masturbation.
  • All orifices are functional.


  • Some users may find Hunter’s height a turn-off.

Where Can You Buy Hunter?

This male sex doll is manufactured by WM Dolls. He’s sold on Silicon Wives

What Are Your Payment Options?

Hunter is affordable for a male sex doll, but $1,999 is a sizable chunk of cash. You can finance your dream man on Silicon Wives through Klarna.

Get your muscular boy-toy paid off before the year is out, and you won’t pay any interest. Note that Klarna isn’t accessible to users outside of the United States.

Purchase Details and Customer Experience

You’ve settled on Hunter as your male sex doll and you know how you can pay for him. There are a few questions you may want to know the answers to before you order:

How Long Does Shipping Take?

Hunter won’t linger after he’s produced. Your male sex doll will ship out no more than one week after he’s completed.

Shipping time depends on your region. Silicon Wives will send you a code to follow his progress with UPS or Federal Express.

Is Packaging Discreet?

Your male sex doll will arrive as discreetly as any other package, albeit a larger one. 

The box is cardboard and unmarked—only you’ll know what (or who) is waiting inside it.

Return Policy

Once Hunter arrives at your home, he’ll be with you for life whether you want him or not. Exempting production defects or shipping damage, Silicon Wives doesn’t accept returns.

Customer Service

Silicon Wives has numerous testimonials from satisfied customers. You’ll be served professionally and promptly if you need assistance with buying your male sex doll.

How Does Hunter Compare to Other Sex Dolls?

Quality male sex dolls aren’t as rare as you may think. This is how two other models compare to Hunter:

Nate 2.0

  • Highly customizable.
  • Various penis sizes available.
  • Top-quality realism.

Nate 2.0 posing on a bed


  • Almost 6 feet tall for users prioritizing height.
  • Both anal and oral holes are functional.
  • Fully articulated skeleton.


You could also visit our Best Sex Dolls Guide to browse our TOP PICKS among other categories.

Final Verdict and Recommendation

My final verdict is that Hunter is a male sex doll worth investing it for all sorts of users. He’s good value for money, meaning he’d make an ideal starter sex doll.

He’s not so tall and heavy that he’d be impossible to manipulate for individuals who aren’t as hardy. His body and face are customizable where it counts with an attractive, pleasing build.

This male sex doll can also be appreciated by users of any sexual orientation or preference. He can penetrate you, and you can do the same to him: orally and anally.

If you can’t get past Hunter’s height, you may want to consider Nate 2.0 or Tanner. Be warned that you’ll be spending more than you might want if you do.

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