Sexually Intriguing Ahri | Best Japanese Sex Doll Review

Lusting after Japanese women—small-boned and beautiful—isn’t uncommon. There are a plethora of Japanese sex dolls on the market.

After much deliberation, I’ve found one model that stands out from the crowd. This best Japanese sex doll review details all the essentials about Ahri.

This slender yet busty blonde is beguilingly attractive, even for users who are ambivalent about Asian women.

Silicon Wives, where she’s sold, offers a few titillating tidbits about her personality. This deceptively dainty girl won’t mind if you play rough with her, or try BDSM out.

Ahri is always eager for you to take advantage of herseveral times a day or more. Now that you’re intrigued, read onwards to learn what else makes this sex doll special.

Why Should You Buy Ahri?

Ahri has a set price of $2,499. Unlike other models I’ve reviewed, that isn’t a starter figure.

There are no readily available options to modify her (unless you special request them). 

In my opinion, it would be hard to improve on Ahri anyway—here are her top features:

Lightweight and Long-Legged

Ahri is a relative rarity among petite or mini Japanese sex dolls. She’s 5 feet, 5 inches tall with seductively long legs.

Don’t let her height deter you—she weighs a mere 55 pounds. You can enjoy her realistic proportions without straining to manipulate her.

Her weight allows users more freedom of movement during and after sex. You don’t have to choose between a mini sex doll or a tall one that you can’t lift.

Without a doubt, her long slim legs are her most striking asset. When she’s on her stomach, they draw your eye up to her tight vagina and ass that are begging to be penetrated.

Since she isn’t heavy, her legs won’t weigh you down if you want to lift them up. Spread them and hold them upright to admire as you thrust into her.

Deep Orifices

Ahri’s anus and vagina are deeper than the standard, which is usually 6.5 to 7 inches. Often, the anal cavity is shorter than the vaginal one.

With this Japanese sex doll, you get 8 inches of depth for balls-deep penetration. Both holes can be thrust into without worrying that you’ll hit a barrier.

This facet of her design enhances realism during sex. After all, you don’t have to worry about hitting a solid end when you’re with a woman.

Good Value for the Price

Ahri isn’t inexpensive, but she is good value for her price. This Japanese sex doll has lifelike height and proportions.

She’s made of high-grade silicone and has deeper-than-average orifices. Facial features are original and well-made—she’s nice to look at. Looking into her eyes will always make you wish you could be inside her. 

Finally, her flesh and range of motion aren’t synthetic to interact with. I’ll go into more detail about how exciting she feels shortly.

What Can You Customize Before You Buy Ahri?

You can’t change much about Ahri’s default design. Silicon Wives gives you a choice to customize two aspects and nothing more:

What Comes in the Box With Ahri?

She should arrive by herself. If you’re lucky, Silicon Wives may include extra freebies in the box—like an outfit or lube.

How Does Ahri Feel and Handle During Sex?

I’ve established that this Japanese sex doll is a pleasure to admire. Find out all the details of what sex will entail with tempting Ahri:

Weight, Height, and Measurements

  • Measurements: Hips (30 inches), waist (21 inches), bust (32 inches). 
  • Height/Weight: 5 feet, 5 inches; 55 pounds. 
  • Breast Size: N/A.

Remember that part in this doll’s backstory about rough play? Manhandling svelte Ahri shouldn’t be too challenging as she’s only 55 pounds.

You can have her sit on you and support her by holding onto her tiny waist. Poses like wheelbarrow or holding her upside down aren’t out of the question as with a heavier sex doll. Basically, you can bang her in any position and as hard you wish!

This Japanese sex doll is proportionately lifelike. Her legs may be long, but they don’t look unnatural or cartoonish.

Ahri’s breasts are large for her frame, but not ridiculously so. The measurements are admittedly petite, but so are the majority of Japanese women.

Her 5 feet, 5 inches of height will add realism to all interactions, both sexual and non-sexual. Have her lie beside you or take her in your arms to ravage, and she won’t feel artificially small.

Articulation and Range of Motion

This Japanese sex doll has a durable steel skeleton with a full range of motion. She also has movable joints, meaning you’re anything but limited when positioning her.

You can tempt and tease yourself by showing off Ahri’s figure in all sorts of poses. Widen her legs and curve her spine to marvel over her tight ass.

Lie Ahri on her back and let her legs dangle invitingly over the edge of your bed—or a table. You can also prop her up on her side, with one arm holding her up.

You can attempt more difficult positions due to her weight. Try keeping Ahri on top of you and thrusting into her—have her legs close tightly against you. Bend her over and take her from the back while squeezing her brink breasts.

If you penetrate her from the side in a scissor position, hold her lower torso up. Those stunning legs aren’t hard to hold up.

Skin and Responsiveness to Movement

Ahri is made of skin-soft silicone. Stroking her legs or caressing her taut stomach, you’ll feel a natural smoothness.

This Japanese sex doll has unusually big breasts compared to other models. They’re firm, perky, and as delightful to touch as they are to look at.

Her erect silicone nipples are hard but authentically yielding when rubbed. The breasts themselves are squeezable without being too soft—they hold their shape.

However, they’re not fixtures—like on a sculpture or a statue. When you pull your dick out of her vagina and put it right into her ass – Ahri’s breasts will bounce and almost like mimic the feelings of a real woman.

Tightness and Texture of Orifices

Japanese sex dolls can possess some fascinating orifice textures and types. This may not do much for users who desire realistic sensations, though.

Find out how her two holes will stimulate you below:

How Real Does She Feel?

Ahri’s orifices are appealingly genuine inside and out. The delicate pink inner labia and plump outer lips of her vagina look like an idealized version of the real thing.

Her anus has a puckered texture that makes it look legitimate. Since Ahri’s ass is small, you have an unobstructed view of both holes when she’s on her stomach.

Silicone flesh is popular on sex toys of all sorts for a reason. Both holes are deep and will stretch to encompass your penis while grasping it tightly.

The depth of both holes will suit men who enjoy extreme penetration. Similarly, users with larger penises will appreciate the extra give her 8-inch orifices have.

Unlike other Japanese sex dolls, Ahri’s orifices aren’t fantastical. The inner texture isn’t anything ribbed, fanged, or bumpy—but it is pleasantly lifelike.

This Japanese sex doll is my top pick principally due to her realism. Her vagina and anus are in line with the realism of her height, supple skin, and natural facial features.

Can You Buy Different Outfits for Ahri?

Ahri might come with a single outfit during purchase—if you’re lucky. If not, you’ll have to take to online stores (or real ones, if you prefer) and shop for her there.

The height of this Japanese sex doll should help with clothes lengths. Dresses, skirts, and jeans shouldn’t be too long on her.

You’ll have to approach sizing her for a bra by trial and error. Her bust is 32 inches—it’s the cup size you’ll need to figure out.

Which Lubricant Should You Use?

Keep Ahri’s orifices in tip-top shape by lubing her up with water-based formulas. Other varieties of lubricant aren’t good for silicone flesh.

Testimonials for Ahri

There are two customer reviews for this Japanese sex doll, both positive. They’re short and to the point, but encouraging if you want to buy her:

Best Japanese Sex Doll Review Pros and Cons

This blonde, leggy beauty is a Japanese sex doll with obvious benefits. She’s not without her imperfections though—these are Ahri’s pros and cons:


  • One of the lightest models with a realistic height you can buy.
  • Petite Japanese figure with long legs and big breasts.
  • Deeper orifices than other sex dolls.


  • You can’t get a blowjob—her mouth isn’t usable.

Where Can You Buy Ahri?

This Japanese sex doll can be found for sale on Silicon Wives. She’s manufactured by Sanhui, and might also be sold by other vendors.

I advise you to stick with buying her from Silicon Wives. The company is reputable with plenty of favorable customer testimonials.

What Are Your Payment Options?

Not everyone can afford over $2,000 for a Japanese sex doll. Fortunately, Silicon Wives accepts split payments through Klarna—as low as $119 a month.

Paying with Klarna in the first year is interest-free. You can spread your payments for Ahri up to 24 months, but you will be paying interest.

Purchase Details and Customer Experience

You’ve chosen your Japanese sex doll, and you know how you’ll pay. The last part to get familiar with is the expected customer experience and shipping logistics:

How Long Does Shipping Take?

Ahri will arrive at your home within three to seven days after production is finalized. You can count down the days until your Japanese sex doll arrives with a tracking code.

Follow her progress towards you with either Federal Express or UPS.

Is Packaging Discreet?

No one in your neighborhood will know you’ve ordered a Japanese sex doll. That is, unless they break into the package before you get to it.

The box she will arrive in is plain cardboard. There are no distinguishing marks or labels of any kind on it.

Return Policy

Ahri is yours forever once you’ve purchased her—all sales are final. If she arrives with any defects, Silicon Wives will repair her or refund you depending on what happened.

Customer Service

Buying a Japanese sex doll doesn’t have to be awkward with Silicon Wives. Staff members are polite and dedicated if you have any questions or need guidance.

How Does Ahri Compare to Other Sex Dolls?

Ahri has her strong points, but she isn’t the only Japanese sex doll out there. This is how she compares to two other quality models:


  • Enormous D-cup breasts for you to play with.
  • Tight vagina and ass.
  • Tall and slender.


  • Many features are customizable.
  • Tall and busty with a classic slim build.
  • Three functional holes.

Feel free to checkout our best sex dolls guide if these dolls didn’t get you excited (: 

Best Japanese Sex Doll Review Final Verdict 

My final verdict is that Ahri is a good investment for users wanting a realistic Japanese sex doll. The only downside to Ahri is that she doesn’t have a usable mouth.

She more than makes up for it in other respects. Her figure is delectably petite and slim with supple skin and she has deep holes to explore.

Ahri is also perfect for users who are physically limited but don’t want a mini doll. You won’t have to bulk up at the gym to be able to pick her up and move her. 

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