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Best curvy sex doll bending over with her legs not bent and head on the couch

Users who adore women on the thicker side might be discouraged while browsing the sex doll market. Full-figured models are rare in a sea of slender waists and slim limbs.

I’m about to prove you wrong by introducing Shakira. My best curvy sex doll review will detail why this shapely model is the top of the line.

Shakira is distinct from other curvaceous sex dolls—she’s famous. Comedian Ryan Davis featured this Junoesque sex toy in one of his YouTube videos.

She’s much more than a viral sensation where it involves curvy sex doll enthusiasts. I’ll be focusing on her ability to deliver pleasure rather than her short-lived career.

Why Should You Buy Shakira?

Shakira’s starting price is $2,199. You can’t base investments of this size on looks alone—an enticing figure isn’t enough.

Fortunately, this curvy sex doll’s positive qualities aren’t only superficial. These are Shakira’s other top features and benefits:

Busty and Bootylicious

Enormous breasts on sex dolls aren’t uncommon. Still, Shakira has most models beat with an enormous H-cup.

With Shakira, her rear is equally as impressive as her bust: she has a hip girth of roughly 43 inches. Whether you prefer breasts or ass, this curvy sex doll won’t disappoint.

Curvy sex doll leaning against the couch back rest

Realistic Proportions and Quality

Unless you want an anime or fantasy doll, realistic proportions are preferred. A rounded ass and E-cup breasts can look bizarre if the doll’s legs and arms are too skinny.

Shakira’s thick all around, including her thighs and arms. She does have an hourglass waist, but her belly is designed with slight plumpness to it.

Although she’s busty with a big butt to match, her body doesn’t come off as fake. Her breasts aren’t cartoonishly circular globes—they hang naturally.

Little details, like the design of her nipples, make her seem more natural-looking. Along with her height (5 feet, 4 inches), this curvy sex doll is credibly lifelike.

Customizable Options Aren’t Limited

You can alter the basic aspects of Shakira—I’ll cover more on that below. The great part is that you have lots of choices for each feature.

For instance, you can choose from 13 different toenail colors. Her labia can be the same as the default model or one of three other colors.

Best curvy sex doll posing on her side on the couch

What Can You Customize Before You Buy Shakira?

The default appearance of this curvy sex doll is white skin and golden eyes with short, dark hair. Understandably, we all have our own beauty ideals. Here’s what you can change:

What Comes in the Box with Shakira?

Sexy Real Sex Dolls (SRSD) give you a couple of extras when you buy a sex doll from them. Besides the doll herself, you’ll receive:

  • A lingerie or bikini set.
  • A blanket.
  • One free outfit (random, unless you ask for something specific).
  • Depending on availability, maintenance tools, or a surprise or two.

How Does Shakira Feel and Handle During Sex?

This curvy sex doll is more than a handful—she’s an armful. Discover how sex with Shakira will feel; from how tight her holes are to the texture of her breasts:

Weight, Height, and Measurements

  • Height/Weight: 5 feet, 4 inches; 107 pounds.
  • Measurements: Hips (43 inches), waist (26 inches), bust (27 inches).
  • Breast Size: H-cup.

Shakira isn’t for the faint of heart. She has a realistic weight to match her height: this hefty sex doll is nearly 110 pounds.

There’s no doubt that sex with this model won’t feel artificial. The weight may pose a challenge to certain users, but it enhances the sensation of being with a real woman.

You wouldn’t expect a curvy sex doll like her to be light as air by looking at her, and she isn’t. Her limbs and body will offer you some resistance when you pound into her.

Articulation and Range of Motion

A fully articulated skeleton adds another layer of realism to encounters with Shakira. She’s capable of the same movements and flexibility as an average, healthy woman.

This feature will let you pose this curvy sex doll to suit your whims. She can kneel, lay down spread-eagled, or whatever ingenious positions you come up with.

Shakira showing of her behind

If you add standing feet, Shakira will be able to support her own weight upright. Of course, you’ll need to hold her in some capacity in standing positions. She can’t be expected to stay on her feet during vigorous sex.

Skin and Responsiveness to Movement

This curvy sex doll is designed with TPE flesh. To the touch, Shakira’s skin will feel smooth and soft underneath your fingertips.

Her breasts respond to movement and stimulation as real ones do. I don’t mean that her nipples will get hard or she’ll moan—unfortunately.

If she’s on all fours, they’ll hang down rather than stay fixed in position. When you squeeze her gigantic H-cups, the skin will yield rather than stay firm.

Press her against your bed or the wall and her breasts will change shape as they’re compressed. The same will happen if you put her in lingerie like a pushup bra.

Her ass looks deliciously tight in photos, but in action there’s some life to it. Those chubby cheeks will jiggle and bounce to your thrusts.

Tightness and Texture of Orifices

Fondling and touching a curvy sex doll is one thing, penetrating her is another story. Find out if Shakira’s three usable holes compare to her figure:

How Real Does She Feel?

Firstly, all of this curvy sex doll’s holes are ready for you to explore. You can help her give you oral, or penetrate her vaginally and anally.

Each orifice’s interior is made with TPE, as with the rest of her. The stretchy material is ideal for replicating the indescribable sensations of slipping into a mouth, vagina, or anus.

Focusing on the holes alone, you can expect a strong orgasm. Now, picture combining these welcoming orifices with everything else Shakira has to offer.

Spanking her bouncy ass; squeezing her H-cup breasts hard. You’ll enjoy mind-blowing orgasms whenever you want them.

Can You Buy Different Outfits for Shakira?

I can understand why you’d want to dress Shakira up. Her bountiful figure will look even sexier in a well-fitted bra, booty shorts, or similarly skimpy items.

Shakira sitting nakedly on the couch

This curvy sex doll comes with one outfit for free—although it’s not the one you see in the photos. Check out plus-sized brands to find other clothes (and lingerie) that will fit her properly.

Which Lubricant Should You Use?

A water-based lubricant will keep Shakira’s TPE flesh supple for longer. Oil-based and silicone-based lubricants aren’t only messy, but can be harmful with frequent use.

Testimonials for Shakira

Lucky owners of this curvy sex doll have nothing but good things to say about her:curvy sex doll testimonials

Pros and Cons

Shakira is top of the line, but no sex doll is without imperfection. Get the lowdown on this curvy sex doll’s pros and cons:


  • Limbs are proportionate to Shakira’s booty and breasts.
  • TPE flesh responds naturally to movement and touch.
  • Highly realistic height and weight.


  • Users with physical limitations may find Shakira too heavy.

Where Can You Buy Shakira?

This curvy sex doll can be purchased through Sexy Real Sex Dolls (SRSD).

What Are Your Payment Options?

If you aren’t able to buy Shakira outright, SRSD accepts several payment plans. These include:


US residents can apply to Klarna. If you can manage installments over a period of 12 months, you won’t have to pay interest.

The maximum plan offered by Klarna is 24 months. Most users should be able to manage within this period.

PayPal Credit

SRSD allows customers to pay through PayPal upfront or through financing. PayPal Credit is an alternative to Klarna if you’re eligible for it.

Paying in Installments

Buyers abroad or those denied by Klarna and Paypal Credit can negotiate with SRSD directly. You’ll be obliged to put down $200 first.

Then, you can pay as little or as often as you like in whichever amount you choose. SRSD won’t charge interest, but they won’t begin working on your curvy sex doll until you’ve paid the total off.

Purchase Details and Customer Experience

It’s only natural to want to be informed about the purchase process. When you’re buying a sensitive item, factors like packaging and customer service are important.

Here’s all the relevant information you need to know about buying curvy sex doll Shakira:

How Long Does Shipping Take?

Once Shakira is built according to your specifications, she’s shipped immediately. On average, Sexy Real Sex Dolls states it takes roughly a week for their dolls to reach you.

Holidays may lead to Shakira’s journey being delayed or prolonged. There is no charge for shipping, regardless of where you live.

Is Packaging Discreet?

You have two choices for packaging. You can order a storage box when you’re customizing your sex doll, and she’ll be shipped within it.

The storage boxes are tame—nothing glittery or sex-themed. It resembles an oversized trunk or piece of luggage.

The alternative is a box that will be unmarked and unlabelled, except for the word “mannequin.”

Return Policy

If your curvy sex doll is damaged during shipping, you can contact customer service for help. The same goes for a sex doll that arrives defective.

You should be fully certain of your purchase before you make an order. Sexy Real Sex Dolls has a policy that all sales are final, with the aforementioned exceptions.

Under exceptional circumstances, a return could be accepted. The website doesn’t state what those could possibly be, though.

Customer Service

SRSD is available for customers browsing the website by email and phone. Staff were also quick to reply to comments and questions on various products.

Nearly every testimonial has a friendly response from SRSD below it. You can expect pleasant and professional interactions from start to finish.

They’re available for assistance if you need any while building your curvy sex doll. You’ll also receive photos of the final product before she’s shipped.

How Does Shakira Compare to Other Sex Dolls?

The description “curvy” doesn’t conjure up the same image for every man. These are two other curvy sex dolls with unique builds:


  • Perfect for avid ass-fetishists.
  • Skin has a realistic texture and movement.
  • Petite height with a true-to-life weight.

Sex doll Gabriella posing her butt


  • Gargantuan breasts that behave and feel like real flesh.
  • Multiple opportunities to personalize her to your tastes.
  • Human-like weight without being too tall.

Brown haired sex doll Lori showing of her big boobs

NB! Feel free to visit our Ultimate Guide on Best Sex Dolls by clicking here

Final Verdict and Recommendation

Shakira isn’t a cheap model, but she isn’t inordinately expensive either. I would recommend her to any user with a sincere appreciation for curves.

For the price, you get a curvy sex doll that’s visually and physically fulfilling. She’s tall for a sex doll and weighty too.

She has fantastic proportions and all the markers of a quality sex doll. You get a natural range of motion, responsive TPE flesh, and three orifices to slide into.

Shakira pending over and touching her vagina

Her build should appeal to most users wanting a curvy sex doll who is voluptuous from head to toe. Shakira’s got wide hips, generous breasts, and an ass that can’t be ignored.

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