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Peach the best cheap sex doll laying on the bench

If it weren’t for outdated taboos and budgetary woes, most men would likely own a sex doll. Sessions with a top-tier model can be infinitely more sublime than enhanced masturbation with a toy.

If you’re here for my best affordable sex doll review, financial troubles are probably your primary concern. You may be lusting after various models until you notice the price tag.

Peach has other alluring qualities aside from the fact that she’s a bargain. Seller and manufacturer OV doll describes her as “the full girlfriend experience.”

They also add that she’s innocent, which means you’ll have plenty to teach her. You’ll learn other details about this affordable sex doll, where you can buy her, and more in this article.

best cheap sex doll peach sitting on the bench

Why Should You Buy Peach?

Being confronted with a fee of several thousand dollars can dampen anyone’s desire. Fortunately, you can oblige your libido without breaking your bank account.

Peach has a starting price of $1,079. This will only increase if you modify certain features—I’ll cover more on customizability shortly. As she is, these are her top merits:

Built With the Basics of a Quality Sex Doll

If you’ve done the research, you know some features are vital in a sex doll. Lower prices almost always translate into deficiencies of one type or another.

The flesh may be latex or another lesser plastic rather than silicone or TPE. Facial features are disappointingly artificial, or joints are stiff and unmovable.

Certain deficits can spoil your enjoyment of a sex doll. It may be better than your hand, but not by enough to truly satisfy you.

This affordable sex doll satisfies all the fundamental basics. She’s shorter than you might want (4 feet, 5 inches) but she has weight to her.

Peach the cheap sex doll showing her tits

All her joints are movable, and she can be posed for spirited sexual exploration. Her flesh is supple to the touch, and all three holes are functional.

Peach is buxom, with big breasts to fondle (or slide your penis between). If you can’t afford to upgrade this affordable sex doll’s cup size, at least you’ll get more than a handful.

Good Value Realism

Realistically constructed sex dolls aren’t easy to build. Significant effort goes into details that you as a user may find inconsequential, like pubic hair texture or eye veins.

Nevertheless, all these little things contribute towards overall realism. Plus, they’re what tack on thousands of dollars to the price. Affordable sex dolls often fall short in this respect.

Peach is different—she makes the cut both visually and physically. She’s small-bodied, but her proportions are natural with limbs that suit her torso and height.

Her facial features aren’t flat—they have depth. For instance, her eyelashes are three-dimensional rather than drawn on.

Peach’s nipples are erect, and her areolas blend seamlessly with her tanned skin. You could imagine that this affordable sex doll is the type that likes to tan topless.

When she’s flat on her back, you can see the faint outline of her ribcage. The vagina of this affordable sex doll is also an impressive feat—I’ll talk more about that later.

Free Accessories Save You More Money

You’d think that because Peach is an affordable sex doll, you’d receive little to nothing with her. You couldn’t be more wrong.

OV Doll is refreshingly open-handed with the free accessories. You’ll get necessities like a vagina cleaner and lubricant.

affordable sex doll sitting on the bench

There are also lavish gifts like a wheeled flight case and a heating rod. You can warm up Peach’s holes and transport her easily—all without paying a single cent extra.

What Can You Customize Before You Buy Peach?

You can tailor Peach’s hair, skin tone, and a few other features free of charge. Altering other aspects, like her height, will add to her starting price:

What Comes in the Box With Peach?

This affordable sex doll comes with a bonanza of accessories. Ensure you have plenty of space to unpack all these bonus free items from OV Doll:

  • Wheeled flight case (four wheels).
  • Vagina cleaner.
  • One pair of underwear.
  • Random outfit.
  • Wig.
  • Heating rod (to warm her orifices up with).
  • Lubricant.
  • Blanket.
  • Gloves.
  • Nail glue.
  • Doll’s glue.
  • Talcum powder.
  • Anti-static comb.
  • Lipstick.
  • Condoms.
  • Anti-discoloration cream.

How Does Peach Feel and Handle During Sex?

Peach may be an affordable sex doll, but she handles like a costlier one. This is what the “full girlfriend experience” consists of:

Weight, Height, and Measurements

  • Height/Weight: 4 feet, 5 inches; 55 pounds (modifiable).
  • Measurements: Hips (29.5 inches), waist (21 inches), bust (25.5 inches).
  • Breast Size: N/A. Customizable from A to E.

Peach could almost be classified as a mini sex doll—she’s less than 5 feet tall. Still, don’t let her height deter you.

She’s 55 pounds, which is heavier than most mini models. Peach’s height may not be lifelike, but her weight will add realism to your intimate playtime.

You’ll have to use some strength to lift this affordable sex doll up. Her legs and arms have a mass to them; they don’t feel hollow.

Affordable Sex Doll Peach sitting on the bench

Peach’s measurements are practically the sex doll standard. Both her hips and waist are on the slimmer side, but her default breasts are deliciously large. If busty women aren’t your thing, you can downsize her chest for free.

Articulation and Range of Motion

A natural range of motion is something that any sex doll should have. Without it, most poses are inaccessible—or hard to manage due to stiffness or over-flexible joints.

Peach passes this requirement with flying colors. Underneath her pretty exterior is a fully articulated titanium skeleton.

All of her joints are capable of bending and flexing like a real woman’s. That means she can kneel in front of you; go on all fours, and curve her spine.

This affordable sex doll can even bend her fingers. You can pose her to be playing with her nipples, or pulling her own panties down.

Skin and Responsiveness to Movement

Peach’s flesh is a combination of silicone-TPE. That means that this affordable sex doll will feel satin-smooth to the touch all over.

That includes the entrances to her orifices: mouth, vagina, and anus. You’ll be slipping your penis into holes that are made to replicate the texture of human skin.

The fleshiest part of Peach is her gigantic breasts. You can expect them to respond like real boobs—firm ones—when squeezed and compressed. If you get vigorous with this affordable sex doll, her breasts will jiggle to your thrusts.

Tightness and Texture of Orifices

Peach may help you forget your finances when you first use her. This affordable sex doll has three orifices for you to sample.

How Real Does She Feel?

Made of the same stretchy-soft material as her body, Peach’s orifices are made to yield and grip when penetrated.

Her vagina is designed to replicate, with anatomical accuracy, the genuine article. There are folds and protuberances to mimic the unique sensations of a vaginal canal.

There’s a G-spot and something that sounds like the equivalent of a cervix (a “tail” in her “uterus”). All in all, plunging into Peach’s vagina should be like sliding into a real woman.

You can take advantage of the free heating rod you’ll receive with this affordable sex doll. Once she’s warmed up and lubed up, vaginal penetration will feel orgasmically lifelike.

Note that one of Peach’s owners complained about her anus being too shallow. If your favorite sexual activity is deep anal penetration, you may be underwhelmed.

Can You Buy Different Outfits for Peach?

Bear in mind that this affordable sex doll will come with one outfit—albeit a random one. All of Peach’s measurements are provided in explicit detail on her page.

I’m not only referring to her hips, waist, and bust. OV Doll also offers up her foot length, calf circumference, shoulder width, palm length, and much more. You won’t need all of this while clothes shopping for her, but it will help.

Which Lubricant Should You Use?

If you’ve never owned a sex toy of any sort before, here’s a crash course in lubricants. You should always choose water-based brands for silicone or TPE skin.

Oil-based and silicone-based last longer, but they’re also not ideal for sex doll skin. They can deteriorate it with repeated use—and you want Peach’s holes to stay tight and soft.

Testimonials for Peach

What are real people saying about this affordable sex doll? Read a testimonial from one of Peach’s owners:

affordable sex doll testimonial

Pros and Cons

This section is a synopsis of the good—and the bad—about Peach. Weigh up both when you’re debating whether or not she’s right for you:


  • Good value overall for the price.
  • Numerous freebies with purchase will save you more money.
  • Decently realistic.


  • May be too short for some users.
  • One owner complained that her anus is shallow.

Where Can You Buy Peach?

This affordable sex doll is sold on OV Doll.

What Are Your Payment Options?

You won’t be able to split $1,079 dollars into installments. OV Doll doesn’t offer payment plans.

If you want to examine your affordable sex doll before she’s shipped, you don’t have to pay for everything upfront. Put down 30 percent as a down payment, and the rest after you’ve confirmed she’s up to standard.

Purchase Details and Customer Experience

Discover what to anticipate with packaging and shipping, and what OV Doll policies are like:

How Long Does Shipping Take?

Peach will be produced in China and shipped out from there. How long it takes her to come to you is dependant on your country and the carrier.

OV Doll works with UPS, Federal Express, and DHL. A tracking number will be sent to you so that you can monitor Peach’s voyage and count down the days until she arrives.

Is Packaging Discreet?

Your affordable sex doll will be your secret and yours alone. OV Doll assures customers that packaging is discreet to protect your privacy.

Return Policy

OV Doll gives you seven days to report shipping damage to them. This is the only circumstance under which a return may be possible. Barring that, Peach is yours for life.

Customer Service

Customer support can be contacted through an email address on the OV Doll website. Supposedly, the staff are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

How Does Peach Compare to Other Sex Dolls?

Being strapped for cash doesn’t have to mean limiting your options. Check out the pros of these two other affordable sex dolls to compare:


  • Less than $1,000 but shorter (3 feet, 3 inches).
  • Articulated skeleton and three orifices.
  • Comes with all the free OV Doll accessories.

Mari Sex Doll


  • Vagina is almost 7 inches deep.
  • Taller than other affordable sex dolls (4 feet, 7 inches).
  • OV Doll freebies give you more for your money.


NB! Feel free to read our Best Sex Dolls Guide by clicking here. Hope this is helpful.

Final Verdict and Recommendation

I recommend this affordable sex doll to any user on a budget. You can shield your bank account without having to resign yourself to a lower-quality model.

Peach’s default model has almost everything you could want in an affordable sex doll. She’s slender and busty with flesh made of quality material.

You can use her mouth, vagina, and anus—all holes are functional. Her skeleton allows for natural posing, meaning you can have sex with Peach in various popular positions.

Admittedly, Peach doesn’t have a realistic height. Still, I stand by what I said earlier: quality over quantity.

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