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Franchine the best black sex doll standing up

This best black sex doll review is all about Francine. I’ll tell you why this dark-skinned beauty is my ultimate pick in this category.

Francine is a tantalizing investment for men who lust after ebony women. She’s also ideal for users who aren’t after a petite doll but can’t manipulate heavier weights.

She also has a personality that’s bound to get you interested. According to Silicon Wives, Francine is a brazenly sexual creature and proud of it.

This black stunner isn’t afraid to work hard to keep you satisfied. She’s also up for any fantasy: from cosplay to involving a second human partner.

Remember that you can always cultivate her character to suit your tastes too. Now that you know the basics, let’s discuss her benefits and how she performs.

Why Should You Buy Francine?

Francine is priced at $2,499 without any add-on purchases or customizations. For this sizable fee, you should expect plenty in return.

This black sex doll shouldn’t let you down. Here are her top three most attractive traits:

Tall and Leggy, Not Heavy

Small sex dolls are great for storage, but not so much when it comes to realism. Height contributes significantly to the illusion of realism.

black sex doll showing her boobs and vagina

Francine’s slender limbs and torso are equivalent to a real woman’s. She’s 5 feet, 6 inches—a little taller than average.

Her height translates into alluringly long, lean legs. It also makes positions like lifting her legs up an option. Her feet won’t come up short of your shoulders unless you’re unusually tall yourself.

Unlike other models with a similar height, excess weight won’t be an issue with this black sex doll. She’s only 61 pounds, which is comparatively light.

For users who aren’t capable of manipulating weights closer to 100 pounds, this model is great. She has natural proportions without being impossible to lift during sex.

black sex doll posing

Her slim build also matches her lighter weight. If she was more voluptuous, sex could feel artificial—you expect curves to have weight to them.

Lifelike Features and Skin Tone

Francine’s overall realism is thanks to a mix of factors. Her sleek black hair has a personalized touch to it in the form of blonde streaks.

Oral sex may quickly become your favorite way to play with her. This black sex doll has a natural, original-looking face—it has a depth to it.

Francine’s dark brown eyes have a seductive expression that you can’t help but respond to. Her pouty, plump lips are warm and inviting.

Francine sex doll

Her cocoa-toned skin has a radiant glow to it. You can almost picture Francine slathering herself with cream to maintain the smoothness.

Ideal for Posing

Francine’s weight-to-height ratio means she won’t be as difficult to handle. If you want to switch from missionary to spooning halfway through, you won’t dread having to move her.

However, that isn’t the sole reason why she’s great for posing. This black sex doll has long, slender legs and a pert, firm ass. You can see the suggestion of muscle tone on her superbly flat stomach. Her small breasts are rounded and upright.

She has a svelte, modelesque figure that’s striking standing up or lying down. The view is equally titillating whether you’re at the front or back.

To put it simply, Francine is built to show off. Whether you want to take photos of her or tease yourself before you ravage her, she’s fun to position.

What Can You Customize Before You Buy Francine?

Silicon Wives gives you the choice to alter a few of Francine’s features. If you’re curious how you can modify this black sex doll’s default look, check out this table:

What Comes in the Box With Francine?

You’ll get Francine herself and anything else you ordered from Silicon Wives.

How Does Francine Feel and Handle During Sex?

Francine’s salacious persona and sensual photos have likely left you with high expectations. This black sex doll is anything but underwhelming where it concerns intimacy:

Weight, Height, and Measurements

  • Height/Weight: 5 feet, 6 inches; 61 pounds.
  • Measurements: Hips (28 inches), waist (21 inches), bust (27 inches).
  • Breast Size: N/A.

Francine’s petite measurements translate into a slender but sexy build. At 61 pounds, she’ll feel as delicate as she looks when you move and support her.

Users who purchase the standing feet option will have fewer limits. She’ll be able to hold standing positions with minimal effort on your behalf.

black sex doll standing in the doorway

Tall for a sex doll—she’s 5 feet, 6 inches—her limbs are correspondingly lean and slim. Similarly, her breasts are small, fitting her dainty figure.

If this black sex doll is underneath you, she won’t feel disproportionate in any way. Sex with her will feel like being with a runway model too short to make the cut.

Articulation and Range of Motion

One of the star features of this doll is how appealing she is to position. That wouldn’t be possible if it weren’t for her steel skeleton.

Francine has movable joints to be able to kneel and bend where necessary. Her fingers can also be posed if you’d like to see her squeeze her own ass or breasts.

The range of motion this black sex doll has is like that of a human being—not a gymnast. She can hold any position that a normal woman could manage, which is plenty to experiment with.

Skin and Responsiveness to Movement

This black sex doll’s supple flesh is made from TPE. She’ll feel soft and smooth to caress from head to toe.

Don’t let her trim figure fool you into thinking there’s nothing to play with. Francine’s ass and breasts are pliant and squeezable, and they’ll bounce realistically during sex.

Her torso and limbs are firm but not artificially hard. There’s a certain pliancy to the TPE material she’s made from that’s like real skin.

Tightness and Texture of Orifices

You’re about to find out how Francine’s insides measure up to her outsides. Find out

what all three of this black sex doll’s holes will be like to try:

How Real Does She Feel?

Francine’s pouty lips are irresistible to slide through. The inner canal of her mouth will grasp your penis tightly and hold firm as you slip in and out.

black sex doll showing her butt

This black sex doll’s vagina is made to look real—and feel that way too. The snug TPE interior is stretchy but not loose.

The gripping sensation as you move inside should replicate that of real vaginal penetration. Plunging into her anus will be similarly orgasmic: another taut hole to explore.

Can You Buy Different Outfits for Francine?

Sizing Francine for a bra might be tricky, as her cup size isn’t specified. Since you have her measurements and heights, buying outfits for her should be straightforward.

Which Lubricant Should You Use?

Keep Francine’s orifices and skin unmarred by using a water-soluble lubricant. Other types (such as silicone-based formulas) aren’t “healthy” for sex doll flesh.

Testimonials for Francine

No one who owns Francine has come forward with a review yet. You can read through reviews of other sex dolls Silicon Wives has on offer:

Pros and Cons

This black sex doll review is mostly about the pros, which are summarized below. There’s one con that I’ve come up with—and it’s a matter of preference:


  • Natural range of motion and a body made for posing.
  • Decent height without being too heavy to handle.
  • Lifelike skin tone and face.


  • Some users may prefer a more curvaceous black sex doll.

Where Can You Buy Francine?

Francine is sold on Silicon Wives

What Are Your Payment Options?

If your financial resources are low, you can still buy this black sex doll. Silicon Wives offers financing through Klarna.

You can split your payments over 12 to 24 months. In the first year, your monthly installments will be interest-free.

Purchase Details and Customer Experience

If this is your first sex doll, you probably have quite a few questions. I’ll address shipping, packaging, and more below:

How Long Does Shipping Take?

Silicon Wives will ship your black sex doll three to seven days after she’s finalized. You can follow Francine’s journey with a tracking code (Federal Express or UPS).

Is Packaging Discreet?

Ordering a sex toy to your home—especially one as big as a sex doll—can be worrisome. Silicon Wives alleviates all your fears for you: the packaging is a discreet, unmarked box.

Return Policy

Barring damage incurred during shipping, Silicon Wives won’t accept a return or refund you. You need to be absolutely sure that you’re committed to sex doll ownership before placing an order.

Customer Service

Silicon Wives has stellar reviews for customer service. More than one individual has praised staff for providing a pleasant buying experience.

How Does Francine Compare to Other Sex Dolls?

Francine is a chocolate goddess, but she does have competition. These are two other popular black sex dolls to consider:


  • Bountiful breasts and ass.
  • Short with a proportionately realistic weight.
  • Classic hourglass figure.

Zara Sex Doll


  • Tall and lightweight.
  • Fine-boned—even slimmer than Francine.
  • Sexy long legs.

Kendra sex Doll

Feel free to browse our top-picks in other categories. Here is a link to our Best Sex Dolls blog post. 

Final Verdict and Recommendation

Francine is worth serious consideration for any user who wants a black sex doll. Her cocoa skin is just as exquisitely soft as it looks—inside and out.

This model has other qualities that make her an attractive sell, aside from her skin color. She’s gorgeous, tall but not heavy, and her TPE flesh responds realistically.

The doll can be posed any which way you desire with a full range of motion. Users who view sex dolls as companions can also savor her mischievous, highly sexual personality.

Plus, you can take your pleasure in three different ways in three functional orifices. Her only downside is that she won’t appeal to men who like thicker black women.

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