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hitomi sex doll

I was tired of watching Japanese porn. Now the movies no longer excited me. Probably I had nearly finished watching all the celebrity sex dolls’ movies. Still, whenever I felt like watching porn, my fingers always started with the word “ Japanese”.

It was Friday evening and I had taken an early off from work. With no fun around, I always ended up in a bar that was on the way to my home. Again, to reveal my obsession with Japanese girls, the attendant was a Japanese lady named Cynthia. Unlike the other cute Japanese round faces, Cynthia had a perfect jawline and high cheekbones.

I never understood why these small details fascinated my sex drive. So even among the Japanese ladies, I was quite choosy. She had a warrior look. This was probably the reason no drunk man dared to mess with her. 

One evening it was late and people started leaving – I always was the last one to leave. I would never say it, but precisely I was always looking for a chance to hook-up with her. Unfortunately, she was too assertive and never allowed anyone to slip a hint into their conversation. So, I had nearly given up on her.

hitomi sex doll

“Hey, Gary! Is that you”?

A voice knocked me from behind and I turned back. It was John, my office colleague. An energetic and “always in a happy mood” kind of guy. I sometimes wondered what was the reason behind his dazzling brightness. 

“Hey, John! Never saw you here before. Is this your first time?”I replied with an unwilling smile.”

“Oh! So You are a regular chap here. But looks like I am late. Well, someone recommended this Bar to me, as it happens to fall on the way to my new home.” He looked around and said.

“So, you’ve bought a new house. Congrats pal” I replied and turned back to finish my drink.

Suddenly I realized that John was stuck at the sight of Cynthia. His eyes clearly showed the sparkle of bewilderment and surprise. Cynthia was busy arranging the bottles for the closing time. 

He came near me and whispered in my ears, “Oh god! Is this a coincidence or she has featured for it?”

John’s tone had a mix of surprise and lust. Suddenly I ran many thoughts. “Has John found something about Cynthia?” Because I knew for sure that this was the first time John had seen Cynthia. I became curious.

hitomi sex doll

“I am sorry, the bar is closed. You both need to leave now. Have a Good night” As usual, Cynthia, in her assertive tone, ordered us to leave. The stunning look was still hanging on John’s face. 

“I am sorry John, You couldn’t have a drink.” I felt sorry for John, but John didn’t seem to be disappointed at all.

“Well, the bar girl’s face hit me more than the shots,” John told me as we were checking out from the door.

John suddenly asked me, ”Do you watch porn?” I was dumbstruck. 

“Oh come on Gary! Don’t be shy. Everyone watches porn. Even if they’re married. So just answer me Yes or No”. He sounded so candid that he easily pulled out the “Yes“ from me. 

“Ever watched Asian? I mean sex movies with Asian sex dolls ?” John and I had now reached the car parking lot and were standing near our vehicles. 

“Yes of course, in fact, I only watch Asian porn” Now I was opening.

“Do you know the famous celebrity porn actress “Hitomi”? “

“ I never care for the names. I just watch them. That’s all” I said. 

“Well, let me google it for you “Saying this, John took out his cell phone and handed it to me. 

Then it was my turn to hang the stunning face. It looked as if I was seeing Cynthia on his phone. Then I understood why I became horny just by looking at Cynthia. Her face so closely resembled Hitomi. I just couldn’t figure it out. I had watched Hitomi’s porn movies many times before. 

“Well! The funniest part is I fuck her everyday” I knew John was married, but I was puzzled. Looking at my face John laughed out loud and said, “Man, I am not married to Hitomi. I am divorced.

So it’s not a problem for me. Let’s go to my home. You can meet her at my place, and I don’t mind if you even fuck her.” John said in a notorious tone. I was blown away by his invitation but I said yes without hesitation. 

hitomi sex doll

When we reached his apartment, John took out the keys and opened the door. I was a little surprised that he kept Hitomi, the famous porn celebrity, locked inside his house. 

“There she is.” John pointed towards a bed.

At first glance, I couldn’t believe it. There she was. Lying on the bed exactly as if she was shooting for a porn movie inviting two of us to join. Then when I gathered my senses, I figured that it was a doll. I’d heard about celebrity sex dolls but had never seen them. She was as real as Hitomi, same body, same face with high cheekbone and jawline. 

After a few drinks with John, I was excited to touch her. John started it first. He slowly made her sit upright. Her flexibility seemed like she was a real human. John waved at me to come near him.

He slowly opened her legs wide and asked me to look inside. I couldn’t hold myself. Though it was merely a sex doll, my fantasies were turning into reality. I slowly slid her skirt upwards with my hand and reached out to her vagina. The pubic area above the vagina had the same bulge as the real Hitomi. Clean shaved and soft. I just couldn’t hold myself digging my face and opened her vagina with my fingers.

I had forgotten that I was touching the pussy of a doll. Next thing I noticed, I bent over and slipped my tongue inside the depth of her vagina – I swear, I felt her body shaking. When I lifted my face, I found that John was riding on her breasts and fucking her mouth. I too now opened my pants and took out my cock that had reached its full size of the erection. 

hitomi sex doll

“It’s my turn to lick her pussy. Why don’t you try to fuck her breasts and mouth? “ John was panting.

I climbed her huge breasts and looked down on her wicked face. Her breasts were all wet by John’s cock. I didn’t care and started sucking her nipples. Even my lips and tongue couldn’t feel like I was sucking a sex doll’s nipple and not the real nipples.

As I inserted my cock inside her mouth, It felt so real that I nearly exploded. I could feel my cock ramming inside her throat. I held her black silky hair and started pushing her face against my dick.

Then, I heard the familiar sloppy loud sound of pussy being rammed by a cock. I looked back and I could see John’s huge cockhead ramming her taut and bald pussy. 

After a few jerks, John waved me to get down. I was curious as to what John was up to now. He lifted her and made her climb on him to get her into a cowgirl posture. She was so flexible that I could see her asshole twitching and opening every time John pushed his cock into her pussy. The sight of her tiny asshole made me horny and I too climbed on her from behind and tried to insert my cock in her asshole. As I inserted my cock head I could feel John’s cock reaching her depth in and out. There was only a wall of silicon skin in between his cock and my cock as we were doing a double penetration. 

“I don’t want to cum now, I don’t want to cum now” I was growling with these words. 

We weren’t stopping, we didn’t want to stop. I had now found my best companion who would never mind sharing his sex partner with me. 

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