About Us

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Our story

The Idea

I’ve always been into sex toys and because of rapid technological advancement this idea become even more appealing to me day by day. However, once I started doing research I found little quality information available about sex dolls and pocket pussies in particular.

This gave me an idea to start a unique information hub that can be used by all sex toy fans who are after decision-useful and in-depth information about these spectacular toys.

By sharing my extensive research I aim to improve all sex toy lovers know-how before they make a final decision which sex toy they want to add to their collection.  

Our Mission

Sextoyser aims to be the number one go to website to read in-depth sex toy reviews. We aim to provide you with a decision-useful and research-backed information about sex toys and how to take care of them. 

Everything you read on our site is based on our experience. We find this as an important feature as this way we distinguish ourselves from sites who just aim to promote products which bring them the most money.  

To enrich our content, we also gather user feedback on sex toys. This way we can combine our own research with other users experience and thus we hope to provide even higher quality information. 

Who We Are?

My name is Alex Johnson and I am the main content writer at Sextoyser. I have conducting due diligence on sex toys for about 3 years. This journey has given me an extensive know-how what makes a good sex toy. Besides my own research, I’ve been challenging the advice given in the internet in general. By doing that, I assure that information that is presented on Sextoyser.com is top-notch in quality. On top of doing sex toys research, I love to work out and travel. 

During my years of sex toy researcher I’ve met wonderful people and some of them have now become our content contributes, editors, designers, developers and of course sex toy testers. 


Contact us

Address: 3302 Maple Street Riverside, CA 92507. Telephone number: +1-714-277-3036. Email: info@sextoyser.com